Bringing out the Kid in Me

My obsession with homemade English muffins has worn out, and I guess breakfast this morning will be simple and yummy. I consider myself a big kid sometimes I guess that’s why my sister thinks I look twelve, but who doesn’t want to bring out the kid in them every now and then. I find it keeps me grounded and humble. I guess everyone finds a way to bring out the kid in them. Do any of you love kid cereals as much as I do? Remember Saturday when you would wake up and watch TV with a big bowl of cereal? I loved peanut butter captain crunch and it has always been my favorite. I don’t eat it anymore its high in sugar and very processed. I have been craving peanut butter cereal lately; I found the exact same cereal except a healthy version with less sugar and it’s organic. They were sweet not to sweet just a little after taste be careful they are very additive. The ingredient list is very short, and I understand the ingredients on the label. It’s an all-natural cereal so I its naturalista approved :). If you have kids they will love this cereal , or if you’re a big kid like me you will love this cereal. Bonus its gluten free if your kids have a gluten allergy or you have a gluten allergy.

Food, Life, Fitness

I used unsweetened Silk milk I love fruit with everything 🙂

Food, Life, Fitness

All natural, Naturalista approved 🙂

Meatless Update: Dinner was a veggie stir-fry it was yummy. I am lucky that my boyfriend is not complaining about where’s the beef! It has been very easy for me not to eat meat I am amazed. I am still looking for grass-fed meat. I am getting off work early today so I will be making black bean burgers.


5 thoughts on “Bringing out the Kid in Me

  1. Not sure if it counts as a “cereal” but my childhood favorite sugary breakfast was Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal! The kind where the eggs disove in your oats and leave only the colorful dinosaurs…hahaha fun stuff 😛

  2. Oh I used to love Lucky Charms! Well…not the cereal as much as the colorful marshmellows!! I wonder if there’s a healthy/organic versions of those?!! Great post!!

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