Weight Update

Today work out was with 20 pound weights! Yes my weights came yesterday! What a killer work out I had today. I am amazed that I went from 12.5 to 20 pounds it is a struggle, but I think in about 4-6 weeks I will get be able to move up. I was only able to do about 5 reps of bicep curls, triceps press, hammer curls, and my failed attempt at lateral raises. I am so pump to be able to do more. I am still working on my up- and down planks I am getting better, but I hope to be able to do ten straight through. After my excruciating workout I had breakfast. It was simple I had a half a cup of oatmeal with banana, date syrup, and one boil egg.

Well let’s talk about my surprise that came with my weights yesterday. I got three packages two I was not expecting at all; apparently I have become a storage facility for my sister. I guess she has nowhere to keep her junk so she ships it to me. My townhouse is pretty small so I have no clue where I am going to put these two boxes. I guess I am going to half to unpack all of it. That’s not including the three boxes she ship to me a year ago. Her excuse was she is no longer on the east coast so she does not need winter clothes. I wish she would just stay at one school, but I guess the school she was at was not challenging so I get boxes with her stuff. I just hope I get no more boxes for a very long time.


Very affordable Just how I like it 🙂


So happy its over..

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My weekend is now dedicated to finding space for her junk, so much for my weekend.. 🙂

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See the cheese grater I cant throw it away apparently it holds value :)..


Have you had your Calcium Today?

Well yesterday was the last day of class and we got are final grades today. My nutrition professor recommended that I started taking a calcium supplement. Mostly because she felt my calcium intake was too low. I explained to her that I was lactose intolerant and I can’t have dairy. I guess she thought I was giving her some sort of excuse because the next thing I knew she hand me a piece of paper, and told me she wanted me to go and list five calcium rich foods. I wanted to say no but how do you say no to an R.D.? Well let’s just say I will be adding a couple of calcium rich foods to my diet starting today!

My list of Calcium Rich foods:
1. Dates
2. Dried Figs
3. Oranges
4. Kiwi
5. Kale
6. Broccoli
7. Spinach
8. Cabbage
9. Sweet potatoes
10. Shallots

I will be adding all of these calcium rich foods to my diet next week. The reason why I picked these ten are because they are easy for me to find at the grocery store, and they are also very affordable when you are on a budget. Easy and affordable you can’t beat that. My professor also talked to be about considering a path to becoming a R.D; she felt I had a passion for nutrition and I should pursue it as a career. I never thought about how much I have learned from the course I have taken; and how excited I felt from what I was learning. I put all I had in to my nutrition course so maybe I should consider a path in nutrition. I really don’t know if I should I don’t want to spend another year in community college when I should be starting my early childhood major next year. Well I could do both but school can be a drag sometimes.

Whip it up Breakfast

Well apparently someone ate the rest of my failed attempt at sugar free granola bars.. I know it wasn’t me I guess it was my other half.. Hmmm.. I guess they were not that bad just not food porn approved. Well I have nothing to eat for breakfast so I half to whip something up pretty quick and in a hurry. I loved this breakfast because it was yummy, low in calories, and very healthy. It only took five minutes and had limited ingredients.I am surprise what you could come up with in less than five minutes when you have no time and half to hurry up and go. What to do with broccoli, half an onion, chili pepper, and an egg. Hmm.. I think I will make a veggie breakfast taco!

Today work out was sprints I am really trying to get with the program on sprints. I went for about 17 minutes I am getting better. I may half to do some more research on sprints; they seem effective in getting my heart rate up. I guess I will continue to do them twice a week for four weeks and see if I get some great results.

Well my weights did not come yesterday hopefully they will be here when I get home. If not I am not going to be a happy camper it seems that I go way to excited I guess that’s what delayed their arrival.

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Only four ingredients its time to chop and dice.. Can you tell the broccoli is dying.. I will add a little bit of olive oil and Sauté.

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I added a 2 teaspoons of salt, chilli powder, cumin, and coriander..

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Best cheese ever if your lactose intolerant.. I swear this cheese had so much flavor…

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Wow! So much food with so little ingredients.. I only used one tortilla..

Date Syrup Take #1

I had dinner early which was some lentil soup with coconut milk and curry powder. It was very yummy. In my attempt to use less sugar in my diet I decided to make date syrup I thought it was going to be interesting to try. Well let’s just say I think I made Date pudding it tasted more like caramel sauce. It was good but it was not what I was expecting. The color was kinda funky it looked like apple sauce cooked in a cast iron skillet.. I guess I should try it in some of my dishes as an alternative to honey or sugar and see what they taste like with the syrup. I may half to try and make it again and use less water and see what results I come up with. I also think it could have been the dates I used the only dates they had at the store. The dates are called deglet dates. They did not have any medjool dates at all and let’s just say I looked for a very long time. The dates were sweet like caramel candy so of course I had a spoonful after dinner.

deglet dates

I ate one it was like candy 🙂

deglet dates

The day before

deglet dates

The day after

Date Syrup take 1

This is all I got

Date Syrup take 1

Now its time for me to make it look sexy 🙂

Date Syrup take 1

Food Porn attempt 🙂

Plank Affair

This morning seems to be really crazy.. In the afternoon I am going to take finals for all my summer classes. I was up most of the night studying and still manage to get some sleep in. I did not want to get up but I am a morning person, and I love working out in the morning. My theory is if you get it done in the morning you have the rest of the day to plan. Today was a toning workout and the planks are killing me; I tried up and down planks for the first time today, and I could only do about five and they were a killer for my tummy. After this exercise every five seconds I felt like I had to suck my tummy in and keep it in. I think I am having a love affair with planks at this moment even though they are the death of me for the moment when I am doing them.
Breakfast was pretty light I made granola bars or tried to make granola bars yesterday. They look more like a moist granola cake that attempt did not got to well, so I had some of it for breakfast with a banana and boil egg; it was yummy it was sugar free but then I add chocolate chips to the batter they were dairy free. I am wondering since I added chocolate chips to the batter does that not make my granola bars sugar free? I don’t know but I did not add any other sweeteners except my date syrup. I tried to make date syrup which was just dates and cornstarch that was a bust; I think I added to much water. I also added dry figs, and chopped dates. I also added carrots I am trying to get rid of all the carrots so many carrots they are almost gone. My new weights are coming today yay!!! I am hoping they will be here later they should be I can’t wait!!!

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The egg was still boiling.. Even the food is smiling 🙂 up beat morning.

Wakame! Not Kelp Noodles

Lately I have been hearing and reading a lot about kelp noodles, and all the benefits that they carry so I have been dying to get some. I love all things natural and unprocessed especially when it comes to food so of course I would want to try some. Kelp noodles are just like shirataki noodles they have zero calories; the difference is kelp noodles are made of seaweed and that’s where the health benefits come from. I have been dying to try them so of course I went to the grocery store, and asked them about kelp noodles they looked at me puzzled. I went to the local Asian grocery store spent an hour looking for kelp noodles. I tried to ask the workers but that was a failed attempt they looked at me like I was crazy. I am guessing that was because they did not have a clue what I was saying. Well after running around and much deliberation I picked up what I thought was kelp noodles but apparently they were not. I picked up a bag of Wakame which is in the seaweed family. It is from Japan and Korea and I have no clue what to do with it. I should rephrase that I have no clue how to cook it or what to cook it with. That sounds about right! Well I hope to find some tasty recipe soon. When I first open the packaged it smelled horrible! It didn’t smell like dead fish but it came pretty close. The seaweed was pretty dry I guess that’s when I finally realized they were not kelp noodles. I guess nothing to me to read the package before I purchased the seaweed. I am looking forward to getting creative with the Wakame.



Well no calories is good 🙂


They don’t look like kelp noodles.. What was I thinking?? I guess I was excited and desperate..


Its suppose to swell up I will half to see about that…

Killer Sprints

Today I started to do sprints… Yay for sprints I guess I was not prepared for an all-out heart attack, but that’s what I felt like I was having from fast pace running. My time was 12 minutes my goal was 20 minutes, so I think I was pretty close to accomplishing my goal. I just could not do anymore sprints I am not use to my heart going that fast unless I am riding my bike. Speaking of bikes I am still searching Craigslist I do not believe all hope is lost. Well I have decided to do sprints twice a week and I do them in the living room. Who says you can’t do sprints in your house I did and I didn’t knock anything over. Well Tuesday breakfast has no photos I just had a banana and rice puff cereal I had two bowls with some homemade almond milk. I guess I will get a lot of exercise today; probably because I am running from mosquitos and chasing them with a bug zapper. I am literally on pins and needles hoping not to get bit. I hope I can get them all before it is time to go to work. They are very sneaky and small but I will zap away.

Get Going

How I love to eat oats but on the other hand it can be very bland and since I had a big bag of carrots I decided to make carrot granola. I was surprised how yummy and addicting the granola was. It was not hard but it was not soft either. I love carrot granola and I think I am hooked I made a big batch for the work week. I half to share this recipe with you guys when I make it this weekend.. I also made vegetarian breakfast burritos that were so delicious. I added eggs potatoes and beans I made them for him to take in the morning for work. I have decided to prepare most of our meals on the weekend for the rest of the week ahead. Since I have been doing this it has made things a lot easier.I am so ready for the work week to get going.
My boyfriend finally asked are we going vegetarian again. I was a vegetarian before we go together and we were vegetarians for a year; before he got really sick and the doctor told him that he needed animal protein. I guess he is concern since there has not been any meat in are diet for a couple of weeks. I am still looking for local grass-fed meat before I decide to purchase any online. I think I should try local first I may get a better deal on prices. Today workout was toning for twenty minutes and since I ride my bike to work I get my cardio in every day. I am still doing planks I am also starting to do plank variations as well. I would say that plank variations are killing me.

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Today’s breakfast.. I also made the almond milk as well. It was much cheaper…





Morning Breakfast

Hello Everyone,
I feel much better today I have officially gotten my appetite back, and I am back to my old usual self. One of my ears still has a ringing but I am hoping it will go away soon. I will have a big bowl of oatmeal I have been craving oatmeal lately and cannot wait to dig in. Today’s workout will be yoga I need a really good stretch since I have been down and out for the past few days. I also found three big bags of shredded carrots in that fridge that I have no clue what to do with. Apparently someone went on a carrot spree while I have been sick.
I am also going to be on the lookout for some all natural lotions for you guys. I have not forgotten about your emails. I cannot wait to get out and get some much needed sunshine.

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Almond milk on top yum

Sunday Waffle Disater

Hello Naturalista readers,

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Sunday. I am trying I have been under the weather for a few days. I think it’s been longer than a few days it’s so annoying especially when you have things you would like to do. The thing with sinus infections is some days are better than others. One day you think you are better and the next feels like you have a really bad flu. It’s also difficult when you’re trying to study for finals, and your ears wont pop and your head is spinning all over the place. Most of my Saturday was spent in bed with a nasal spray and sleeping. I woke up today feeling much better one of my ears popped and I can breathe again. My boyfriend decides to make me breakfast sine I have gotten my appetite back. When I walked downstairs to see what was going on I saw a huge disaster. I also saw blueberry waffles that looked very different than what I usually would make. To make him happy I tried them they were a little dry but not that bad. Maybe I was just hungry and would have eaten anything. Well I got some energy back so I will be doing yoga today once the kitchen is clean.



He calls them Country Man Waffles.. I guess he is referring to the taste not the size lol.. 🙂