The Easiest Veggie Burger

I would like to give you guys the easiest veggie burger I love it… The reason why it’s so easy because it has no tofu and does not consist of any bread crumbs are eggs just some simple things you can find in the kitchen. It is also quick very time efficient for the days when you are on the go…I tried Quinoa  for the easiest veggie burger and it’s a super food. I did not have time to make buns I got home very late from work so I just kept it simple. They are yummy moist and flavorful and did not dry out. Oh did I mention the easiest veggie burger ever :).

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Veggie Goodness 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Almost time to mix

The Easiest Veggie Burger

This can get very messy 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger

All done 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger
I am ready for my close up 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Finished product

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Loaded tower of Veggie Goodness 🙂


1cup of quinoa

2 cups of black beans

2 cups of oat flour

½ cup of corn

1 big red yam or sweet potato

3 mild chili peppers

½ onion

½ tbsp. cumin

½ tbsp. coriander

½ tbsp. mild chili powder

½ table spoon of olive oil.

Directions: Boil a pot of water and add quinoa to the pot; while the quinoa is boiling chop up onions, chili peppers and sweet potato. Put the sweet potato in a bowl and microwave for about four minutes or until soft. Sauté the onions, chili peppers, and corn in olive oil until onions and chili peppers are translucent.  Smash the beans and sweet potatoes together make sure they still are chunky to get a firm hold for the burgers. Once the quinoa is done drain it from the water and put it in a bowl add the remaining ingredients to the bowl add the spices last. Stir really well make sure all the ingredients are in cooperated. Form into patties with hands and bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.

Substitutions: You can substitute quinoa for rice I just like quinoa it’s quick so it does not take forever to boil. I used beans that were cooking in the crock pot that I put on before I went to work; if that is two much you can always use two cans of beans or one. If you do not have oat flour you can always use rolled oats it will not change the flavor. This recipe was made for veggie burgers in bulk, so we have enough for work meals next week. I made about 14 patties you may get more or less. My patties were medium size. Now about salt I really did not use that much salt, and everyone has a different preference for salt. I would adjust the salt to your taste buds. I hope you Enjoy 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Dinner is served.. I was eating the chips as I was taking the photo sorry I had one.. I made those too 🙂


Vegetarian Week

I have not eaten any meat the whole week, and all I can say is Wow!! I am not claiming to be a vegetarian. I just have not found meat that I actually want to eat. I am looking for grass-fed meat and chickens that are raised in a safe environment. If it’s been in a feedlot it’s not for me. However being a vegetarian can have its benefits. I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and I have been very creative in the kitchen lately. I have been feeling under the weather lately, and just got enough energy to actually tell you guys that I have a recipe for you… I really am excited since it is my first recipe ever and I am not really one to love the kitchen. I am a get in and out type of girl when it comes to the kitchen, but lately I have been in the kitchen all the time and it takes time to get out.

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So lately we have been eating these veggie patties all week; they are so easy, simple, and yummy you can eat them alone are with bread. They are very delicious I am taking these to work, and will have the recipe with lots of pictures for you tonight. I am going to make potato chips and burger buns.  The boyfriend loves them and has been taking then to work the  past two days. I also did yoga today I am going to try and do yoga three times a week; once a week is just not enough for me anymore.

Naturalista Haul Update: I have gotten great emails from a lot of you and most of you would like me to review natural lotions, so I will be on the lookout for some all natural lotions. It’s really fun to think what I can find I hope it does not take me a very long to find any lotions that smell wonderful.