Summer Camera Deals

Wow summer is almost here and oh the AZ sun will bring tears to my eyes! When I wrote my post yesterday I decided to just finally go for it and purchase a new camera, even though I love my point and shoot I am looking forward to seeing my photos taken to the next level. I went ahead and purchased a dslr camera directly from their website and got a great deal. I only purchase the body instead of the whole kit. I did not see any reason for the kit lens since from what I read I will probably never use it.
The lens I wanted was out of stock and then it came back in stock when I had already purchased this lens! Of course I was upset but I saw it as a sign that maybe this is lens for me and I should be happy I did not purchase the one I wanted… The universe always has some way of fixing things that we want to control but may not be the best decision.
I am working on purchasing a few photography books so I can really learn to shoot and style my photos. This summer will be very productive especially since I will be working on creating recipes… I am also thinking about moving my blog to this has been a great format for me, but I think I want a little more features that you do not get with the I am still on the fence about the whole process but am working on getting there.
Question of the day: What summer activities are you getting ready for?


2 thoughts on “Summer Camera Deals

  1. I’m very excited to see where you take your blog!! I love finding healthy, easy recipes 🙂

    To answer your question, I am preparing for swimming, beach volleyball and the HEAT!! <<< that should be considered an activity, lol!!

    I haven't been healthy enough to play volleyball, now I am! Again 🙂

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