Confessional Tuesday: Snoring Spouse

snore I Know I really don’t talk about my relationship much, I guess I am always talking about food, health, and fitness I never get a chance to talk about my country man. I sometimes think of us as the country mouse (him) and the city mouse (me) living in the suburbs trying to adapt to our surroundings the best we can; both of us from two different worlds.
I know he is the love of my life, my fiancé, but his snoring has gotten out of control lately; I go in and out of sleep and all I hear next to me is a roaring monster breathing in and out. I have told him his snoring is so loud the next door neighbors can hear him (exaggerating) but it does rattle certain objects at night or maybe it is just my imagination. I know he does not believe me and just laughs! I want to record him snoring so badly and prove to him that he does sound like a grizzly bear, but I will let him have this one for now. I barely got out of bed this morning and I miss my workout I overslept and am still a little groggily. I know he is so tired when he gets home from work but I need my beauty sleep as well. I have told him he snores so
I have tried almost every method even the pillow over the face which always falls off in the middle of the night. I did have a pair of ear plugs but those can be so uncomfortable when you go to sleep, and most nights I take them out after a few hours… Oh and trust me when I say breathe strips over the nose do not work! They do not work! I am a very light sleeper so I can hear most sounds at night; if it gets really loud I will wake up with an instant (habit). I am thinking about trying chamomile tea tonight. I heard it puts you in a deep and relaxed sleep so that is what I am going for; because a girl needs her beauty rest.
Question of the day: If you have snoring spouse what do you do to get your beauty sleep?


2 thoughts on “Confessional Tuesday: Snoring Spouse

  1. I do! And we’ve tried various things to help, too: strips, sprays, ear plugs, white noise, etc. Strips and sprays didn’t work, and ear plugs were uncomfortable and kept me awake anyway. White noise (a fan) has worked most nights as many of our issues come from him falling asleep first thus keeping me awake since I can’t relax (he swears I get super human hearing whenever I’m trying to fall asleep). That being said, there are still many nights where the white noise isn’t good enough so my husband gets kicked out on the couch! (Since I have a hard time sleeping on the couch and he’ll just fall asleep wherever, he’s the one to go) 🙂 At first, this really bothered me and I was sad that there were times that I couldn’t share my bed with the person I was supposed to share my bed with for the rest of my life, BUT ultimately we both need to be rested and this has actually helped us be happier people and made for a better relationship in the long run! (7 and 1/2 year so far…)

    The main thing to acknowledge is that sleep is so important and that you both need it to stay happy and healthy! Work together, and you’ll find a way to make it that happen 🙂 Best of luck!

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