New Year’s Eve Green Juice

savynaturalista,naturalista I know I have been away for three days but I was so busy with unexpected house guest that I really missed all of you; I did a lot of walking in phoenix so I did not need to work out for three days I did not eat myself to death so I did not gain a pound yay!!! I deiced that today I will have a green juice for New Year’s Eve. I do not have any plans for today so I am going to drink my juice and write down my news year’s resolutions. I have not been able to it so I will be busy with that all-day. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe new year’s eve.


Persimmon Fruit Salad

Today I decided to have a fruit salad for lunch I had leftovers for breakfast I could not help myself Christmas dinner was delicious; I hope I am not the only one who sometimes splurges on leftovers for breakfast. Being on vacation so far has not had a major effect on my eating patterns and I have not had the urge to splurge from boredom. It has been very difficult for me to workout I have no clue why it could either be the cold temperatures, the unexpected house guest (tell you about that one in another post), or I have just been so lazy; whatever it is I really need to find some motivation so I can get up and workout.
savynaturalista, naturalista

This fruit salad is dedicated to one of my favorite fall fruits the Persimmon. I went to the grocery store 2 days ago and I realized that there were no more persimmons left; I guess the season is officially over for us in AZ I hope not but if it is I really, really, really loved persimmons. Persimmons are an amazing treat and it pains me that they only come around once a year and only for a few months; I love seasonal fruit and this year persimmons hit the spot. I paired this salad with celery, and Asian pears always go well with persimmons.

Merry Christmas Oatmeal

I know Christmas oatmeal but I have no plans of making a grand breakfast and dinner will be simple… I think I over did it for Thanksgiving and I know I am going all out with a bang for the New Year; but it will be in moderation no overly stuff stomachs just high calorie good food. We decided to wait until after Christmas to buy gifts so who knows what I will get I hope it is something nice (food processor). Right now I am listening to country Christmas tunes and enjoying hot coco with my oatmeal. I hope everyone has a wonderful day…

savynaturalista, naturalista

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas Eve Breakfast

We were invited to a Christmas food truck party and oh gosh I could have nearly died all the food was so good. I half to make a note to myself to start bringing my camera everywhere I go so I can take pictures; I did not think I would be amazed by all the food but oh gosh I was in food heaven. I had beignets, malasadas, and we shared a shrimp basket; I choose to drink water instead of all the flavored sodas they had I have not had soda in 6 months and I am ok with that. I am happy to report I did not overdo it, I could have and believe me I wanted to but a content stomach is better than a full (stuff) stomach. I guess when a foodie changes there lifestyle they can still enjoy great food that will satisfy any palate.

savynaturalista, naturalista

I did not get a food hangover from any of the food I ate this weekend so I had a wonderful workout this morning; my breakfast was light I had papaya, boil egg and a piece of toast, unfortunately the toast did not make it to the plate it was calling for me to eat it. I know a lot of us are excited for Christmas; maybe for it to be over or never ever end. Let us just be happy that the Mayans were wrong and tomorrow we get to open all are presents and have a great day of food and love.

Last Day Chritmas Break is Here

savynaturalista,naturalista I have no need to figure out what to do with all the food gifts that I get from work; apparently country boy had a sneaky sweet tooth and has eaten most if not every last cookie, candy, and caramel corn I have gotten. I am just happy I do not half to worry about what to do with all the goodies because, I doubt I would have ate any of it and I really did not want to let any of it go to waste I don’t like wasting food. Christmas is almost here and I am hoping for a food processor I am such a foodie I can’t help but think what else would a foodie want for Christmas (besides a panini grill); today is officially the last day vacation is here!!!!

Smaller Portions

savynaturalista, naturalista We still have two more days left and I still have not decided what I am going to do with myself while we are on vacation. I am a little nervous but I will find something to do pretty soon. My full body cold has turn into a mini head cold broccoli juice actually works even though it is a killer going down the benefits are well worth it; yesterday there was a Christmas party at work I ate most of the fruit and veggies on the party tray. I had smaller portions of the not so healthy Mexican food but it was so good and I am happy that I did not go overboard.
I have a question: What are you doing to control holiday eating?

Sticking to Healthy

savynaturalista,naturalista I have a feeling I am coming down with something (In my sick whining voice)… I think I am getting sick my throat is trying to close up and I could barely work out this morning, I did two burpees and collapsed right after there was no way I could finish. I see carrots, oranges, and broccoli stalks in a tall glass for lunch in my future (vitamin c anyone?).
Yesterday when I got to work there was candy, cookies, candy apples, and more chocolate on my desk; I could have nearly passed out on the floor when I saw all those goodies. I swear the devil was calling me to eat and be merry join in all the festivities, but my better half told me that I can eat be merry and not gain a pound so I went with the better half.
Now I have a question: What do you do with all the cookies and candy that you receive at work during the holidays??
Three more days to go WHooo!!!!

Daily Egg Ramble

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista Lately I have been egged out but not egg white out (joke), but seriously I have been eating one boil egg for breakfast for the past few weeks and I think my tummy has had enough. Monday I got queasy so I today decided to lay off the eggs for a while, but I decided to fall in love with egg whites when I tried to make some meringues and they were the bomb!! However I didn’t cook them to long and they melted so now I have been defeated by the egg whites as well. I am going to leave eggs alone for a while I guess me and eggs need a break.
Now I am looking for ways to get protein with my breakfast in the morning besides eggs; I really do not like to eat meat in the morning and I never thought about trying vegetables either but I will get my protein… 4 more days left before winter break yay!!!!

Mondy Morning Ramble

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista I really did not want to work out today it was so cold and cloudy but I push myself to get up and do at least 10 minutes well I was able to work out for 20 minutes. I did not finish my Christmas candy yesterday; I was almost done but ran out of sugar so now I half to head to the market today to buy some more palm sugar. I am happy today is an early day at work that way I can make the rest of the candy. Today is the official count down to winter break 5 more days yay!!!!

Healthy Christmas Candy

Healthy Christmas Candy , Savy Naturalista,Naturalista  I have been so busy in the kitchen this weekend getting all the Christmas gifts ready for work; that I forgot to tell you guys that I actually did go to power yoga Friday and I lasted about 20 minutes I was so out of breath I could not make the last 15 minutes of the class. I am happy that I went because I didn’t want to go but hey I needed the work out and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Saturday it was raining so hard that I decided to stay in the kitchen and make sesame brittle made with just coconut palm sugar (no butter and no oil) as a gift for my secret Santa at work. It was so good that also decided to make some for everyone at work and I am almost done.
We only have 4 days left until staff goes on Christmas and New Year break and I am so excited!! I am worried what I will do while I am on break it will be a totally different routine and I know when boredom sets in food can be the resort, so I am making a list of things I will do to keep myself busy and not snacking. I will hopefully have my list soon and will share it with you guys let’s try to keep fit and healthy during the holidays…