Sunday Waffle Disater

Hello Naturalista readers,

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Sunday. I am trying I have been under the weather for a few days. I think it’s been longer than a few days it’s so annoying especially when you have things you would like to do. The thing with sinus infections is some days are better than others. One day you think you are better and the next feels like you have a really bad flu. It’s also difficult when you’re trying to study for finals, and your ears wont pop and your head is spinning all over the place. Most of my Saturday was spent in bed with a nasal spray and sleeping. I woke up today feeling much better one of my ears popped and I can breathe again. My boyfriend decides to make me breakfast sine I have gotten my appetite back. When I walked downstairs to see what was going on I saw a huge disaster. I also saw blueberry waffles that looked very different than what I usually would make. To make him happy I tried them they were a little dry but not that bad. Maybe I was just hungry and would have eaten anything. Well I got some energy back so I will be doing yoga today once the kitchen is clean.



He calls them Country Man Waffles.. I guess he is referring to the taste not the size lol.. 🙂