Naturalista Review, Haul

So I know many of you have heard of shoe hauls beauty hauls and hair product hauls; all sort of hauls that people go and grab a bunch of neat stuff. Well I decided to call the things I find when I go places a Natulista haul. I will review a product and see if it is worth your money or not. It can be whatever you like nail, hair, makeup products. Even though I love food and most of my reviews will be about food. I am open to everything in between :).

I know you have seen a lot of my food reviews and I am learning if I can’t make it or bake it; I better understand it when I am reading it. That’s my new motto. Lately I have been in the grocery store so much I mean hours at a time reading a label making sure it’s worth my money. I want to help you guys as well especially for all of you clean eaters who want to live a healthy life style. There are a lot of alternative products out there for the stuff we love. The problem is you just have to hunt for it. Sometimes you don’t have the time to read through labels it can be very annoying. So if you have a favorite product you are wondering if there is an alternative for let me know… You can email me at, or you can just leave me a comment :). Whichever works best for you…


Bringing out the Kid in Me

My obsession with homemade English muffins has worn out, and I guess breakfast this morning will be simple and yummy. I consider myself a big kid sometimes I guess that’s why my sister thinks I look twelve, but who doesn’t want to bring out the kid in them every now and then. I find it keeps me grounded and humble. I guess everyone finds a way to bring out the kid in them. Do any of you love kid cereals as much as I do? Remember Saturday when you would wake up and watch TV with a big bowl of cereal? I loved peanut butter captain crunch and it has always been my favorite. I don’t eat it anymore its high in sugar and very processed. I have been craving peanut butter cereal lately; I found the exact same cereal except a healthy version with less sugar and it’s organic. They were sweet not to sweet just a little after taste be careful they are very additive. The ingredient list is very short, and I understand the ingredients on the label. It’s an all-natural cereal so I its naturalista approved :). If you have kids they will love this cereal , or if you’re a big kid like me you will love this cereal. Bonus its gluten free if your kids have a gluten allergy or you have a gluten allergy.

Food, Life, Fitness

I used unsweetened Silk milk I love fruit with everything 🙂

Food, Life, Fitness

All natural, Naturalista approved 🙂

Meatless Update: Dinner was a veggie stir-fry it was yummy. I am lucky that my boyfriend is not complaining about where’s the beef! It has been very easy for me not to eat meat I am amazed. I am still looking for grass-fed meat. I am getting off work early today so I will be making black bean burgers.