Popsicle Relief or Not

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My obsession with ice cream is getting even worse! I guess as it gets warmer my taste buds are craving the sensation of something cold, sweet, and refreshing. I am praying for an ice cream maker. I will see if I can get one soon and start experimenting with flavors and recipes. I bought these oh so delicious fruit popsicles that melted before I even got home. I guess that’s what 113 will do to you with no relief in sight. I did try one it was very sweet tart no after taste. They taste just like a strawberry with a tad bit more sweetness… They were all natural according to the label. I would say at least I understood what was in it. My conscious did not bother be when I decided to purchase them. I would try them again and only 45 calories… I doubt they were Gmo. I would defiantly say the popsicles are Natulista approved :).

Fruit,Popsicles , Food, Life

Can’t take the heat 🙂

Fruit, Popsicle , Food, Life


One thought on “Popsicle Relief or Not

  1. I’m an ice cream addict myself. One thing that I’ve tried which is absolutely delicious and easy to make is frozen greek yogurt. I’ve used both greek yogurt and soy yogurt for this so I’m sure it could work with any. Chop up a piece of fruit, mix in with the yogurt and freeze. You can also put all of it in a blender to incorporate the fruit more. It’s worth a try!!

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