Work It Out Saturday!

Well I have had a busy week this week and since I miss a work out day! I decided to work it out Saturday with a beast! Yes! I said beast! I call the kettle bell a beast. I have heard that they are great for agility and upper body strength which I desperately need. I decided that it would be worth an investment just to get one. They are very expensive but health has no price so it was worth it. Today was my first day working with the beast and all I half to say is WOW! For the next two weeks I will be doing 3 sets 10 reps of lunges, squats and pull-up’s. I will up my sets and reps each week after. If any of you have any other suggestions or comments that will help me perform better; please let me know I love comments, suggestions, and help. Thanks! 🙂

The beast has arrived.. Hooaah!!!

My new Kicks. I heard your suppose to change shoes every six months my old ones were long over due lol!!

So this is my workout, go super fast bike. I named him speed racer although I need some road tires!! This bike you have seen so many times, but there is a new addition to the bike family!

This is my new work bike that I  have talked about but have not shown you. It just goes to work I also use it to run errands. It’s a smoother ride and very comfortable. It also has a cute bell!!

  Ding!!  No one ever hears it though 🙂

I should think of some names. What do you think??

Have a great Weekend.

Keep Counting!



Went for a Walk

Saturday was a very rainy day most of the day started with thunderstorm, hard down pours that ended with the sun coming out. I didn’t do a regular work out, so I decided to take a walk I of course dragged my boyfriend along with me. We walked for about an hour it was very nice after the rain stopped. We ended up going to the lake near my house and spotted some amazing scenery. 🙂

After the rain the sun finally made an appearance 🙂

  They were running from me close up

It was about 100 and muggy. I love the humidity:)

This lot may look bare,but its not! I was excited to see……

This tree. What kind of tree could it be? Take a guess!

Have you guessed?? They are citrus trees :)!!!! In October they will be ripe and ready to pick!! Its really common in Arizona around the fall and winter time to see them growing every where!! We have grapefruits, lemons, oranges , and tangerines. Any citrus tree we have it here.  This one looks like an orange and smells like an orange but it is not!! It tastes just like a lemon. I can’t wait until fall to show you how ripe they get.

Have a great Weekend!! 🙂

Taking Control of my Portions

Since I have started this journey there has been a few bumps in the road; however I have remained on track and have been doing great. I have slimmed down but my calories seem to go up and down. I have notice that I am having a problem with my portions, I usually go back for seconds and thirds. I am over-eater I am not ashamed it’s who I am; bigger seems to always be better, but lately it is becoming a problem and hindering my weight loss. I need to learn how to control my portions. It’s so hard when you love to eat. My supporters on calorie count have been giving me good ideas. Drinking water or eating a salad before I eat dinner which seems to be my favorite meal.

I have to admit something I am a compulsive eater I tend to eat even when I am full. It scares me that my compulsive eating has consumed me most of my life. I am a little bit older now and I am taking control of my health, so I am determined to not let this be a burden on my life. I feel at this point now it is not what I am eating it is how much I am eating, so I am determine to control my portions. I know this will be a challenge for me, but my cc family is always there to give me the encouragement I need. So my pledge to my self: I am not going to eat when I am full and only when I feel hungry :).

Eat,Eat, Not to Much

I know today is a day to eat, enjoy, and celebrate freedom. I have decided that I am not going to make anything high in calories or buy takeout. I am going to make a delicious low calorie meal that I can eat in moderation. So I made a plan for today. I would do the sides and my boyfriend would do the grilling. I hope he has a plan because it’s raining pretty hard right now. I was really worried about how difficult it would be for low calorie alternatives that I could enjoy and would be delicious to him also. I just decided to go for it. I am doing potato salad and a lemon tart for desert. This year it is just me and him, so I am keeping it light and simple. I love potato salad but mayo is so high in calories. I was looking to use regular mayo when I found out one cup of mayo is almost 1600 calories. I decided that was not the route I wanted to go. I was not going to use light mayo I mean flavor is what I want. I kept it natural and used one avocado which is 322 calories. I was happy about that. I didn’t want to use eggs for my lemon tart because I used eggs for my potato salad who needs all that cholesterol. Cream cheese is out because I have a dairy allergy besides cream cheese was very high in calories. I am keeping it in moderation so my main ingredient was tofu and cornstarch I was surprised how yummy and delicious the sides were.

. I don’t think he will be grilling today..

Rain on the fourth, in Arizona madness 🙂

Potato salad.. Avocado and mustard for the moist ingredients. Mmmm so yummy.

Lemon Tart. To get the yellow color I used turmeric. 😉

Enjoy The fourth Everyone..


Changing my diet to eat right has not been a walk in the park for me. I have been on a healthy course for about four months now, but I have been on and off for the past few months. I finally decided to get serious for good when my body mass index scared me. I stayed away from my healthy eating habits last week which was the worse for me. When you put one greasy chip in your mouth you want to eat them every day, and that’s what I exactly did I ate them almost every day and it was horrible. On most days I did go over my calorie count but it wasn’t to the extreme. What really bothered me was how sick I got. I was in a very bad mood almost all the time and I began to get acne that I was horrified by.

This was an awakening for me that I can never go back to those dark days of the past. I can no longer eat those same pound packing foods I use to adore, and sparked me to begin my journey to a healthier course. I now understand it’s not just about calories it’s also about putting nutritious foods in your body, that will keep you at your best and full of life :). I am now up for this challenge and plan on not going back ever again. It has been a long road for me but I think it is for the best, and with the help of my nutrition class and Calorie Count I am well on my way. Portion control seems to be the struggle for me but I am getting better at it. Who doesn’t love seconds or thirds, but I will make the effort to stay away once I am full.

My jeans and slacks are not as tight as they use to be I can actually button them now. This is a huge step for me and I am going to embrace it :). I also love the comments and encouragement that you guys give me you keep me motivated. So please comment away :).