Food Blogging Passion

I love food it is one of my major passions and since I have stated my journey, I have really feel in love with blogging about the food I eat and the recipes I create. There are so many great food blogs that inspire me to create wonderful recipes in the kitchen. Last week I spent about 6 + plus hours in the kitchen (recipe testing), I can honestly say I have really found where my creative passion lies.
I have shared many recipes on my blog and have been surprised with the great feedback that I have gotten from some of my recipes that I have decided to turn my blog into a food blog. .
I believe food blogging is a great way to tell a story about the recipes you share with others; I believe you do not need any fancy equipment to make a great meal, just your heart and soul and a great recipe. I can honestly tell you I do not have a blender and have not intentions of getting one any time soon; but I do have a food processor and my smoothies come out just as they would if I was using a blender.
I will be sharing my journey in turning my blog into a food lover’s dream. I have no clue how this will go but I know guys will be right there with me, and I am excited to see where the food takes me. I want to inspire more people to create yummy recipes that are fun and easy to make.


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