Stolen Bike

I have had a very long day yesterday. I thought it could never happen to me but it did my bike was stolen!!! Speed racer my favorite bike was stolen. My very first and only hybrid road bike was taken from me. I was so upset when it first happened I didn’t know what to do except cry, so I cried and walked home and cried until I got home and then I called my boyfriend. Well let’s say that conversation didn’t go to well apparently it was my fault and I had no reason to cry. The only reason I took it to work was because I was going to ride another 10 miles after work. I was running late for work I was so in a rush, and not thinking I locked it to a tree and ran to work. After work I didn’t see it so that’s when the crying started. We called the police they wrote a report and took down the serial number. The officer explained to us that we would probably see it on craigslist in a couple of days or next week. When I heard we would see it on craigslist my first thought was I am going to go get my bike. That wasn’t a possibility so I will be stalking craigslist bike sales. I am totally on the lookout for it making sure I give the cops a call. I am very hopeful I will get it back. We live in a pretty small town so I really don’t think it could have gone that far; as long as it does not end up in phoenix I am ok! I am just happy I have another bike to ride to work. I really love riding it is a big part of my life now and I can never give it up. I will keep you guys up dated on the case. Please keep your fingers cross 🙂