Work It Out Saturday!

Well I have had a busy week this week and since I miss a work out day! I decided to work it out Saturday with a beast! Yes! I said beast! I call the kettle bell a beast. I have heard that they are great for agility and upper body strength which I desperately need. I decided that it would be worth an investment just to get one. They are very expensive but health has no price so it was worth it. Today was my first day working with the beast and all I half to say is WOW! For the next two weeks I will be doing 3 sets 10 reps of lunges, squats and pull-up’s. I will up my sets and reps each week after. If any of you have any other suggestions or comments that will help me perform better; please let me know I love comments, suggestions, and help. Thanks! 🙂

The beast has arrived.. Hooaah!!!

My new Kicks. I heard your suppose to change shoes every six months my old ones were long over due lol!!

So this is my workout, go super fast bike. I named him speed racer although I need some road tires!! This bike you have seen so many times, but there is a new addition to the bike family!

This is my new work bike that I  have talked about but have not shown you. It just goes to work I also use it to run errands. It’s a smoother ride and very comfortable. It also has a cute bell!!

  Ding!!  No one ever hears it though 🙂

I should think of some names. What do you think??

Have a great Weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Work It Out Saturday!

  1. I used to have a trainer that would make me use the kettlebell like crazy! One thing he would always tell me is to really sit back into your glutes (never let the knees go past your feet)… and when you come up, really thrust your pelvis up and forward. That hip thrust motion is what should be pulling that kettlebell up (although your shoulders and arms will get a good workout too)!

      • I do have trainers, but that’s because I’m on a training team (Team Bombshell). I no longer use the guy I mentioned…just because of the same reason…got too pricey. It was worth it though. Maybe you can get one just for a month or two…and just substitute the cost with something that you’re willing to give up…like hair salon trips, manis/pedis, fast food, whatever it may be for you

  2. I don’t know the name of it, but another good kettlebell exercise for the abs, shoulders, and arms: (1) stand with feet spread apart (2) sort of lunge to one side, torso still facing forward…you can rest your hand on your thigh (3) with your other hand, swing the kettlebell up above you (4) then bring it down to your ankle, really focus on contracting your abs/obliques

    Happy Kettlebelling! 🙂

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