Healthy Shout Out Wenesday

chickentuna April is almost over so I decided to dedicate the last two Wednesdays in the month to someone who has inspired me to keep my fitness goals on track. I will call it Healthy Wednesday shout outs. This has been one crazy month, with school, work, and keeping up with household chores a girl could really use a break from all those squats (just a day).

One woman that truly inspired me to get through my squats was Laura Harris from chickentuna, she really is an inspiration for me to be the best I can be. Many of you know I do not have too much support from my friends and family, so I have really gravitated to the blogging community so many of you are so friendly, supportive, and encouraging I feel as if I am on top of the world (I mean it).

Chickentuna is one lady I feel is my best friend in my head (every one that inspires me is), every time I cannot take another squat I push on thinking what would Laura say? If she can do her regular workouts and add squats to her regimen so can I. The killer part is she is in her 40’s with the body of an 18 year old; this just motivates me even more to kick butt when I work out, and push through those squats until I reached my goal for the day.

If any of you have never gone to her page please do (she has an instagram), you will find lots of motivation and great inspiration for those days when you have just had enough. You may start stalking her page (yea I am a stalker) just the way I do…


Thursday Meal 1,2, and Wenesday Snacks

I guess pulling in all-niter can be very detrimental to my workout schedule; I didn’t get my morning yoga in so I am going to half to work it out tomorrow. Other than not being able to work out today; yesterday I found a new snack that if I could I would eat it every day all day gosh!! Peanut butter on dates are the bomb I tell ya!! If you have not tried it please go get you some fresh dates and slab peanut butter on top and enjoy a little piece of sanity. 🙂

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

5 dates, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.. I wanted one more date but I did not want to push it!! So, so, so good…

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I also had popcorn Wednesday I am so over this popcorn…

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

Killing two birds with one stone.. Dumping oatmeal in your morning yogurt add a banana and roll to work 🙂

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I think I am officially addicted to celery…

Christmas Eve Breakfast

We were invited to a Christmas food truck party and oh gosh I could have nearly died all the food was so good. I half to make a note to myself to start bringing my camera everywhere I go so I can take pictures; I did not think I would be amazed by all the food but oh gosh I was in food heaven. I had beignets, malasadas, and we shared a shrimp basket; I choose to drink water instead of all the flavored sodas they had I have not had soda in 6 months and I am ok with that. I am happy to report I did not overdo it, I could have and believe me I wanted to but a content stomach is better than a full (stuff) stomach. I guess when a foodie changes there lifestyle they can still enjoy great food that will satisfy any palate.

savynaturalista, naturalista

I did not get a food hangover from any of the food I ate this weekend so I had a wonderful workout this morning; my breakfast was light I had papaya, boil egg and a piece of toast, unfortunately the toast did not make it to the plate it was calling for me to eat it. I know a lot of us are excited for Christmas; maybe for it to be over or never ever end. Let us just be happy that the Mayans were wrong and tomorrow we get to open all are presents and have a great day of food and love.

Yoga Sunday

Good morning everyone! Don’t you just love Sunday it’s a day to relax and get ready for the work week ahead. With school and work during the week; it seems Sunday is the only day that I get to do yoga for a full hour. Today we will be trying yoga with a fitness ball this will be a new experience for me. Has anyone ever done yoga on a fitness ball? If so was it challenging? I love the way yoga makes me feel; after my practice I feel complete and at ease. Yoga tends to clear the mind of worries and fear the way cardio does but with less sweating. I love the deep meditation at the end of the practice. I have learned when you meditate the mind does not half to always be clear of thoughts. It’s ok to think when meditating it helps you learn to clear your mind. I have been doing yoga for about four months now and I can say that I more limber then when I first started. I am also at peace with myself, and would encourage all of you to at least try it once. I guarantee you will fall in love with yoga like I did :). Today’s yoga forecast in sunny AZ is cloudy at 90 degrees. I love cloudy so this is perfect weather too me even at the very warm temperatures.

                                               His and her fitness balls yes I do force my boyfriend to do yoga with me! Its ok he will thank me later 🙂

Work It Out Saturday!

Well I have had a busy week this week and since I miss a work out day! I decided to work it out Saturday with a beast! Yes! I said beast! I call the kettle bell a beast. I have heard that they are great for agility and upper body strength which I desperately need. I decided that it would be worth an investment just to get one. They are very expensive but health has no price so it was worth it. Today was my first day working with the beast and all I half to say is WOW! For the next two weeks I will be doing 3 sets 10 reps of lunges, squats and pull-up’s. I will up my sets and reps each week after. If any of you have any other suggestions or comments that will help me perform better; please let me know I love comments, suggestions, and help. Thanks! 🙂

The beast has arrived.. Hooaah!!!

My new Kicks. I heard your suppose to change shoes every six months my old ones were long over due lol!!

So this is my workout, go super fast bike. I named him speed racer although I need some road tires!! This bike you have seen so many times, but there is a new addition to the bike family!

This is my new work bike that I  have talked about but have not shown you. It just goes to work I also use it to run errands. It’s a smoother ride and very comfortable. It also has a cute bell!!

  Ding!!  No one ever hears it though 🙂

I should think of some names. What do you think??

Have a great Weekend.

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