Fusion Water

Hello Everyone! I hope you guys love water as much as I am trying to love it! Well as you may know water is something that you have to acquire a taste for, and well I am getting there. I am just having trouble going all the way 🙂 ; lately I have been flavoring my water with tea. I call it fusion water. It tastes way better then plain water. I sometimes add a little honey about one tablespoon for 3 liters that I drink for the day. I seem to love teas. I was at the mall and stopped buy a neat little tea store name Teavana. Has anyone ever heard of it? They had some nice samples I tried all the sugar free ones of course and I found two I loved. Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate and Apple Lemon Pomegranate. I am in love with the raspberry riot it tastes just like raspberry lemonade with a twist. The apple lemon not so much too much spice for me. I guess it’s a fall flavor; I will save it for fall and maybe I will love it. I can say this is a new way to make water a little more satisfying on the taste buds.


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