Went for a Walk

Saturday was a very rainy day most of the day started with thunderstorm, hard down pours that ended with the sun coming out. I didn’t do a regular work out, so I decided to take a walk I of course dragged my boyfriend along with me. We walked for about an hour it was very nice after the rain stopped. We ended up going to the lake near my house and spotted some amazing scenery. 🙂

After the rain the sun finally made an appearance 🙂

  They were running from me close up

It was about 100 and muggy. I love the humidity:)

This lot may look bare,but its not! I was excited to see……

This tree. What kind of tree could it be? Take a guess!

Have you guessed?? They are citrus trees :)!!!! In October they will be ripe and ready to pick!! Its really common in Arizona around the fall and winter time to see them growing every where!! We have grapefruits, lemons, oranges , and tangerines. Any citrus tree we have it here.  This one looks like an orange and smells like an orange but it is not!! It tastes just like a lemon. I can’t wait until fall to show you how ripe they get.

Have a great Weekend!! 🙂