Zero Calorie Foods

I see so much information on zero calorie foods that I decided to add them to my diet over the past few months. I know I can go a little overboard but, if someone told me I can burn more calories from eating carrots, celery, and cucumbers then I would eat them all day, and that’s what I did. I would have them for lunch sometimes, and when I knew I went over my calorie intake I would have them for dinner. I just knew in my head I was burning so many calories by eating these foods. There were days when I would go over my calorie intake for the day; I would eat a few celery sticks and cucumbers for dinner and just knew I was on the right track.
I was assuming these foods burned 50 calories are more. That was a low level day for me some days I assumed I was burning 100 calories; on days I was working out and eating just celery and cucumbers as snacks I thought I was easily burning 300 calories. I was really gung-ho over the whole burning more calories than I consume.
That’s what I did for a few months and I didn’t see a difference at all but I still believe those foods really do burn more calories, so when I came across this article I was in shock. I was really into foods that burn more calories than you consume, but just to find out that it is not as many calories as I thought it would be and sometimes not even any at all. I was heartbroken. I guess it goes to show everything has calories and moderation is the key. I still eat cucumbers but let’s just say I know I am not burning as many calories as I thought.
What are your takes on zero calorie foods are you for them or against the whole hype?