Altenative to Water

I have never been a big soda drinker as a matter of fact the last time I had a pop was about six months ago. I do love fruit punch as well as juices from concentrate. I love ocean sprays cranberry blend it’s my favorite :). Lately I have been learning that they have a lot of empty calories, and I just want to save as many calories as I can for other foods are a treat on the weekend. Like the carrot, zucchini breakfast cookies I made for the week. They have butter but no eggs. I decided that if I was going to have butter in my cookies, I sure didn’t need eggs so I used cornstarch. With only ten calories per table-spoon you can’t beat that :).

I have been drinking a lot of water lately and I love water, but sometimes I just want something else to drink without all the calories and still has flavor. I have found that teas have been the solution to my problem and I give it thumbs up. I make my tea at night and it’s nice and cold all day long, and the plus is it is zero calories yay go tea!!! I call it my zero calorie flavor water with no added sweetener :). The only favors I have tried so far are mint and orange spice… I am looking for more flavors so I can have a nice variety. I have been giving it a lot of thought and I have decided to ride my bicycle to work its only four miles there and back. If there is any way I can burn more calories I am up for the challenge :). The heat is what scares me it’s been about 112 degrees lately and I have been sweating like crazy. What I know about the temperatures they rise later in the day, and I am home by then so I think eight miles will be perfect :)!