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I love food (no secret) but I am also obsessed with blogging about it as well. I love all sorts of recipes and can never figure out if I should start adding more recipes to my blog.
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I have looked over so many food blogs and I always say hey I want to do what they do! I love creating recipes and I am always in the kitchen I love baking I want a recipe blog now. One thing leads to another and I end up goggling “How to start a recipe blog”. There is so much information and so many steps that are taken I began to put the ideal to rest. I guess I am always hesitant but the ideal is always in my head and once I put it to rest it usually pops right back in.

I know summer is here and besides reading a few good books I really want to see what I can do to take my blog to the next level food wise. I am still on the fence about blogging and creating recipes about food and where you began. I know this much it is a passion and most food bloggers dedicate a lot of time and money to their blog (yeah it’s hard work) but I know it is very rewarding and inspiring to see people create their recipes. I know when I made carrot granola I was so excited to see menusofamom recreated my recipe it put a big smile on my face.
I am still on the fence about becoming a food blogger, but I really believe this is my calling to put smiles on the faces of others when they make my food


Pick and Choose Random things

I finally picked a dehydrator (yes it took me a while), but I really wanted the one that would be best for me on my budget. I decided that my first recipe would be banana chips. The bananas are turning brown so why not put them to good use. I know I have a bad habit of letting bananas sit, but you know it is time for them to go once the fruit flies and pesky little gnats start attacking you’re your bananas. I hope my dehydrator is here before they go black but if not I will find something else to do with them (will keep you updated).
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When I finally mustard up the courage to try and make granola bars the recipe I wanted to use was not the one I really wanted, I decided that I wanted to try this recipe but then I wanted to try this recipe. That is when I realized some of the ingredients in both recipes I did not have, neither did I want to use flour. I decided to call my grandma and ask her for a recipe. So in the end I made two different granola bars, a chewy one and a crunchy one both with black sesame seeds (only seeds I had)..

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

Gosh today has gone by extra fast, I still need to do 100 more squats to get up to 200 and hurry up and finish my fourth meal for the day. I am having rice cake bagels they are just that additive and I am using raspberry yogurt this time I look forward to eating so I am going to be happy once they are in my tummy. I am trying to come up with more rice cake recipes that will not leave the rice cakes to soggy. Challenges can be so difficult yet I am having fun with squats even if I can barely walk the next day.
Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

Question of the day: What April challenges are you doing, and how far have you gotten in your challenge?

Rice Cake Bagels

I decided to do a recipe today for rice cake bagels. I find it so hard to go to work without looking at the array of bagels and frosted doughnuts that call my name; sometimes I feel so left out from eating bagels that I just stare at them wanting to devour them all to myself. I know I should think about how great I will look this summer, but who really wants to feel left out from food (out of all things). I decided that I would create my own bagels; after making rice cake cereal it just seem rice cakes have endless possibilities. The best part if you sleep in and forgot to make breakfast, you can go to work and have a rice cake bagel that is only 35 calories; you can also spread cream cheese on them but I prefer strawberry yogurt.
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Rice Cake Bagel:

2 rice cakes
6oz container black cherry yogurt

Directions: Spread liberally, it only has 210 calories…

Rice Cake Cereal

Savy Naturalista, NaturalistaThe texture of this cereal reminds me of oatmeal with a bit of a crunch, rice cake cereal is one of my favorite eats. When I am sick of oatmeal and toast I will usually make it as a cereal in the morning. It also makes a wonderful snack because I know most of us always have a package of rice cakes on hand.
I used soy milk today, but it works great with any milk I have used almond and coconut milk in the past. The toppings you can put on the cereal are unlimited; I usually stick to my favorites, peanut butter, coconut sugar, cinnamon, and banana. If you have topping that you enjoy you should use it, rice cake cereal is so easy and versatile any topping is great in my book. 🙂
Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

Rice Cake Cereal

4 lightly salted rice cakes
1 cup soy milk
1 banana
½ tsp. cinnamon
Directions: Break rice cakes into small pieces in a bowl cover with soy milk, add banana and cinnamon. It is best when served cold