Moving The Blog

I will be in the process of moving my blog from to, I have been blogging for a while now and it is time for a new platform so I am ready to move on. I am looking for a webhost and have found a few that I want to go with so expect a few changes to the blog… I am hoping to have my new blog up in the next few days. I am really excited because now I will have more opportunities for a better writing platform for the blog.
I know I have been writing a lot of recipes down so I can get them up on the blog and my lens will be here soon (jumping up and down). I will be able to create more recipes and show you oh so many pretty pictures and tutorials. I half to tell you that it is a lot to chew and very time consuming; but it is enjoyable once you see it all in bright lights. I guess I will be very busy this summer writing recipes, sharing stories, and hoping to sponsor a giveaway for all my readers…


Low Carb Low Fiber

CalvinLowCarbComic I am not a big fan of low carb diets; they just make me feel so funny especially when I decided that I want to carb cycle. This week I decided to cut my carbs pretty low, I ended up wanting to eat between 150- 200 grams of carbs. Most of the time I ate 230 grams of carbs; I thought it would be easy but it is not, it is one of the hardest things to do since I am not getting enough fiber. I know fiber is a big issue in a diet most of my carb meals consist of high fiber foods (oatmeal) and I still was not able to get 30 grams of fiber.
I found a great fiber that has been helping me with my fiber intake besides vegetables. Psyllium husk, 1 tablespoon is 13 grams of fiber and carbs with only 45 calories. Psyllium husk has kept me full longer which made it hard for me to get in all my daily allowance of calories. I have added it to my blueberries and banana for toppings on my pancakes and it is yummy (especially the banana). What I would not add psyllium husk to would be pancake batter it will not work trust me it will not work. I have a few photos of me trying to make psyllium husk pancakes and let’s just say worse experience ever (sharing soon).
I would recommend it if you are on a low carb diet and have a hard time finding ways to get more fiber in your diet.
Do you ever try low carb diets to lose weight if so how do you get more fiber?

300 calorie breakfast

I am still looking for a camera and this is a lot of work, I am thinking about going with a refurbished one since they are a lot cheaper but I still not have decided which one I should go with.
I know I have been looking forward to my workouts now especially since the weather is a lot warmer and my body has finally not in shock by the cold weather. I am still in my pursuit to make my breakfast 300 calories and I am almost there. When the weather gets hot the meals get lighter and less portions. Thank god for summer.
Savy Naturalista, Naturalista
300 calorie breakfast
½ cup oatmeal: 100
1 boiled egg: 70
1 boil egg white: 17
1 banana: 105
Total Calories: 292
I hope my 300 calorie breakfast has inspired everyone to make right choices that are not time consuming at all and they taste great. Just add water!

Shout it out Wenesday Le!

Eating healthy takes a lot of time and effort; I know most recipes do not cater to people who want low calories and low fat versions to recipes.
I even have a hard time coming up with ideals of what to cook that would be healthy and not bland. There are times when I just go oh screw it! Let me just add some sauce to this throw it in the oven and I know it will taste much better. I think food has to be the hardest thing to overcome when changing your life style.

It is still a struggle but thanks to Le I am able to have healthy recipes that are way better for you and lower in calories. When my sweet tooth is killing me (chocolate cookies any one?) I can find a healthy recipe that is an alternative.
I am a recipe fanatic and her recipes have really kept me on track this month so I had to dedicate shout it out Wednesday to Le. If you like to bake, cook, or just in the mood for a quick meal her recipes are defiantly worth trying. They are also very appetizing to look at; if we gain calories from just looking at food I would be well over 500 pounds by now.
I try to get in the kitchen and come up with more recipes, but if I am out of ideals and need to make dinner for the night. I usually find a wonderful recipe on her blog that I can make in a hurry. If you are a foodie trying to get fit then defiantly give Le’s recipes a try.

What I ate Thursday

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I am happy I was able to eat in a hurry( over slept), I made a breakfast sandwich and added mustard. I think mustard makes every thing taste better after sriracha…

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I was getting my grub on, and run and got the camera to snap a pick… Last night dinner had left overs. I also added seaweed nori sheets, asparagus, dried kimchi, and shredded coconut (salad dressing)… I had to hook it up 🙂

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I like freezer dried fruit, but dried mango is the best and pair it with oatmeal yum, yum. I can eat the whole bag ( I really want to)

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I did add salad dressing, but I did not want to drench them in oil. The colors would never come out the same…

I ate granola bars while I was riding my bike and celery forgot to photograph it. I finish 240 squats today, and I surly do feel my thighs burning (burn baby burn)…

Eating Oats on Saturday

Savy Naturalista, NaturalistaI decided after my bike ride this morning I would have a nice bowl of rolled oats. Gosh it has been a while since I decided to have oatmeal in the morning, I guess I have been indulging in toast and eggs I forgot what oats taste like. The real reason why I decided on oatmeal I did not want to wait almost 20 minutes for eggs to boil. I will have some for lunch instead. I miss oatmeal however one of my favorite meals, it is good to switch up meals it keeps the body guess. I should do it more often but I get so stuck in a routine that it is hard to get unstuck.
I have been thinking about keeping granola bars in my backpack and purse from now on; I know I should not go into the grocery stores hungry but I have been going, and that has led to a lot of processed “healthy” snacks that have kept me feeling bloated. I am thinking about trying to make my own, since I can’t find any good ones, and the ones I do like are not in my budget for every day. I love crunchy snacks so this granola bar recipe seems to be easy enough for me to follow without trying to recreate.…

Question of the day: Do you make your own granola bars or do you just buy them?

Have a good Weekend 🙂

Spring Shakeup

Savy naturalista, Naturalista Well Spring is here and I already have summer on the brain especially with the sun setting later every day. I am excited that midterms are out of the way that all I can think about now are smoothies. It seems everyone starts the beginning of the year with smoothie challenges; but not me it was cold as ice and I was still in the mood for some good ole comfort. Now that it is a little warmer I decided that I am going to replace one of my meals with a smoothie for a week. This was my attempt at a green smoothie but of course it did not come out looking green, like all the beautiful smoothies that I see on pinterest. That darn lettuce, am I the only one who puts lettuce in there smoothies instead of spinach? I also used my food processor (yes I go a new one) to make my smoothies instead of a blender. I am trying so hard not to accumulate so many kitchen appliances so for now I will hold off on a blender.