What I ate Thursday

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I am happy I was able to eat in a hurry( over slept), I made a breakfast sandwich and added mustard. I think mustard makes every thing taste better after sriracha…

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I was getting my grub on, and run and got the camera to snap a pick… Last night dinner had left overs. I also added seaweed nori sheets, asparagus, dried kimchi, and shredded coconut (salad dressing)… I had to hook it up 🙂

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I like freezer dried fruit, but dried mango is the best and pair it with oatmeal yum, yum. I can eat the whole bag ( I really want to)

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I did add salad dressing, but I did not want to drench them in oil. The colors would never come out the same…

I ate granola bars while I was riding my bike and celery forgot to photograph it. I finish 240 squats today, and I surly do feel my thighs burning (burn baby burn)…


Eat to have Fun Part 2

Last week I started talking about eating to have fun; I will continue the topic this week with my final thoughts on eating to have fun.

Learning how to balance food and friendships has been something that I have not been able to do. I am slowly learning that if I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I should find activities that do not revolve around food. I have not found any activities yet (besides riding my bike) but I am still looking.

The challenge not to eat for fun can be difficult especially since everyone I know loves to eat. The thing that kills they all love to eat but are very picky eaters when it comes to healthy food; usually they will consume foods that are high in salt and lots of fat. When I first started I was a very picky eater, now I can eat almost anything and everything that is not in a bag. Eating to have fun can be done if you cook foods that are healthy that don’t come from a bag.

I have found some of my coworkers telling me that they would love to go on a diet loose a few pounds, get healthy, and stop drinking sodas. I get all excited for them and the very next day or the day after I see a soda or some other high sugary drink that they are drinking. I always want to help them or say what happen I thought you wanted to go on a diet, but the last time I did that someone snapped at me so I just keep my comments to myself.

I had to learn that someone telling you they want to lose a few extra pounds and get healthy is not the same as someone asking you for help. I love to help people I guess that is why I work around children, but I hope there is a day where I can actually motivate and help people to eat healthy.

Question of the day: What are your favorite activities that do not revolve around food, and how do you deal with family and friends who ask you for tips on how to get healthy?

Lunch, Dinner, Grain Free Diets

I decided that I would go to the grocery store to find some almond flour but it looks like they were all sold out which was upsetting, but I was still happy I got to casually chat with a personal trainer I do not know how long we chatted, but I do know the sun was setting when I went into the store and it was very dark when I came out. We got into an interesting discussion about carb cycling and grain free diets and how beneficial they can be. I will spare you the boring details of the whole conversation and tell you they are a great way to detox your body; especially since most of us (only me) tried to eat the whole thanksgiving pie. I know when you carb cycle you can burn fat but detox the whole body from a grain free diet. I may half to make this an every other week routine it can be pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

I had left over salad from dinner that I had for lunch today food always tastes better the next day..
Lunch, Dinner, Grain Free Diets, Savy naturalista, naturalista,

I had to improvise with my almond flour pancakes I used almond butter instead they came out pretty good I had two of course one disappeared from the plate; I also try to make a spinach and yellow bell pepper egg frittata didn’t come out to well.


Granola Morning

I finally was able to beat the dark and woke up way ahead of time; I was excited that I got to work out and I had time to make a single serving of low carb granola. The beauty of waking up ahead of time in the mornings; you get extra time to do all those important things that you forgot to do yesterday (I have so many). I cannot say if I will keep this up but I do love, love the extra time.

Just add milk and banana on top and you have a complete breakfast

I had a craving for cereal when I woke up and when you are carb cycling that can be difficult; well I think this hit the spot and I will make sure I have a recipe coming up soon for all of you low carb lovers. The cereal had a nice crunch to it which gave it a granola feel.

Carb Cycle Dinner Day 3

Low Carb, Carb Cycle, Naturalista, Savy Naturalista, Paleo I am finally getting the hang of the low carb and carb cycle meals they are pretty easy once you know what to eat and what not to eat the possibilities are endless. I do find it tough to eat five meals a day. I just can’t do it; I barley can figure out what to eat with three meal a day add five oh man your killing me. I did take in to consideration that I am a heavy snacker so I just have two snacks to make up for my five meals; today I snacked on fruit leather, peanut butter, 3 figs and 3 dates. Today I had leftovers for dinner I made a lot of veggie meaty sauce that I will eat some for lunch tomorrow as well; I also added spinach tuna patties to the sauce to make a very flavorful dinner.

Sweet Potato Malt O Meal

I had a rough time getting up this morning I guess I am still not use to it being so dark out when I get up; it can be so annoying like today I missed my morning workout so now I half to work it out when I get home. I like to get my work out over and done with early in the morning so I do not half to work out later, but needless to say it has been difficult when there is no light out I am going to make the effort and not let the darkness defeat me.
I have been on a sweet potato kick for some time now or maybe it’s because the sweet potato, was the only thing I seen in the fridge that would not complicate breakfast so early in the morning. This malt o meal may not be like the original but it will fill you up.

Sweet Potato Malt O Meal , naturalista, savy naturalista

Sweet Potato Malt O Meal: 1 cup sweet potato, 1 tbsp. or 2 almond butter, 1 banana, and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. In a bowl mash up one cup of sweet potato leaving a few chunks stir in almond butter with the sweet potato warm it up for about 3 minutes in the microwave; stir in the cup of milk and add the banana sprinkle cinnamon on top and enjoy. The best almond butter to use is the one that you get fresh from the grinder that makes almond butter right in front of you it gives you a great thick consistency of malt o meal; if not I would use chunky peanut butter. I also had a boil egg with my malt o meal.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Pudding

Since I ate all my low carb bread yesterday I had to figure out what I wanted to eat this morning. I know meals should be plan ahead of time especially when you are on a diet and a low carb diet should defiantly be plan weeks in advance. This will help from making impulsive decisions that are not healthy and you will regret later (I always do). I like to work on a limb and that is what I did this morning besides I had filled up on water from my workout so I could hold out a little longer. This breakfast is pretty quick and requires that you have left over smash sweet potato in the fridge just sitting there waiting for you to figure out what to do with it; and when you finally do you come up with a delicious and healthy breakfast that will keep you full for a couple of hours.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Pudding, Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

Sweet Potato Breakfast Pudding: 1 cup leftover sweet potato, 2 tbsp. chia seeds, and 1 cup milk I used almond. In a bowl add sweet potato and warm it in the microwave for 3 minutes add chia seeds, milk, and stir stir together very well. Let it sit until it thickens up add any sweetener you like I added ½ banana and cinnamon for sweetener.

I hope you enjoy I will have leftovers for lunch, and I will see you at dinner. What are your favorite low carb sweeteners? I am obsessed with coconut sugar they make a wonderful candy that is so good. What about you? Comment below I love comments 🙂