What I ate Thursday

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I am happy I was able to eat in a hurry( over slept), I made a breakfast sandwich and added mustard. I think mustard makes every thing taste better after sriracha…

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I was getting my grub on, and run and got the camera to snap a pick… Last night dinner had left overs. I also added seaweed nori sheets, asparagus, dried kimchi, and shredded coconut (salad dressing)… I had to hook it up 🙂

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I like freezer dried fruit, but dried mango is the best and pair it with oatmeal yum, yum. I can eat the whole bag ( I really want to)

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I did add salad dressing, but I did not want to drench them in oil. The colors would never come out the same…

I ate granola bars while I was riding my bike and celery forgot to photograph it. I finish 240 squats today, and I surly do feel my thighs burning (burn baby burn)…


Choosing a Dehydrator

When trying to lose weight and keep it off let’s just face it! It really is all about the food, that is why I really wanted to figure out if the sweet potato chips I ate yesterday were fried or not. After hours of searching and more searching (well it didn’t take me that long but I did get side tracked). I finally found out the sweet potato chips were fried… I should have known since the calorie count was pretty high but I was blindsided by my false hope. I am so mad at those fried sweet potato chips from yesterday; sneaky advertisers they really should put fried chips on the bag so all of the curious consumers can know. I guess they clearly don’t care about letting us know those important details.
I decided that after seeing this lovely post and the fried sweet potato chips from yesterday that I finished off today, that it is time to purchase a dehydrator. I am a lover of quick snacks but if I could cut my cost in half, and not be tricked in to buying healthy snacks that say one thing but mean the other. Why not try making them myself and see what I can come up with (sweet potato chips anyone?). I am not saying I will be the next Betty Crocker (well not yet) of the healthy foods we eat, but it will be nice to keep calories low since I am trying to loose fat not gain it.

I am on a budget, but of course when you have a budget you tend to want everything that is never in your price range. I really would love an Excalibur I see all the raw and vegan foodies with one, and they come up with some amazing dishes that just make me drool but I don’t have Excalibur money. I still want a dehydrator so I am going to get one that will give me the same results but a fraction of the price. I really liked this dehydrator and the this one, but I am one of those people who will spend thirty minutes to an hour on one item before I actually buy it. I am thinking about the first one but there are so many I can’t decide. I hope I do not have this problem when it comes time to upgrade cameras…

Question of the day: Do you have a dehydrator if so which is your favorite brand?

Midterm Week Slip-up

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista Gosh I had a slip up at a vending machine; of course I have no excuse as to why I wanted that bag of chips but I could not help myself. Midterms are coming up soon and all I can think about is cheesecake; this is why I gain weight I do well and then when midterms and finals come up I and I get really bad anxiety, I emotionally eat everything that makes me happy but not so healthy. I am going to do a What I ate Midterm Week. I have midterm studying this week and midterms next week. With so much late night studying to do and I want a snickers bar, but I am going to make myself accountable so I do not go on a late night taco bell binge. I guess I am going to half to invest in a lunch bag, so I will not stray from my goals. Because this year I will say good bye to spandex!

Carb Cycle Dinner Day 3

Low Carb, Carb Cycle, Naturalista, Savy Naturalista, Paleo I am finally getting the hang of the low carb and carb cycle meals they are pretty easy once you know what to eat and what not to eat the possibilities are endless. I do find it tough to eat five meals a day. I just can’t do it; I barley can figure out what to eat with three meal a day add five oh man your killing me. I did take in to consideration that I am a heavy snacker so I just have two snacks to make up for my five meals; today I snacked on fruit leather, peanut butter, 3 figs and 3 dates. Today I had leftovers for dinner I made a lot of veggie meaty sauce that I will eat some for lunch tomorrow as well; I also added spinach tuna patties to the sauce to make a very flavorful dinner.

Sweet Potato Malt O Meal

I had a rough time getting up this morning I guess I am still not use to it being so dark out when I get up; it can be so annoying like today I missed my morning workout so now I half to work it out when I get home. I like to get my work out over and done with early in the morning so I do not half to work out later, but needless to say it has been difficult when there is no light out I am going to make the effort and not let the darkness defeat me.
I have been on a sweet potato kick for some time now or maybe it’s because the sweet potato, was the only thing I seen in the fridge that would not complicate breakfast so early in the morning. This malt o meal may not be like the original but it will fill you up.

Sweet Potato Malt O Meal , naturalista, savy naturalista

Sweet Potato Malt O Meal: 1 cup sweet potato, 1 tbsp. or 2 almond butter, 1 banana, and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. In a bowl mash up one cup of sweet potato leaving a few chunks stir in almond butter with the sweet potato warm it up for about 3 minutes in the microwave; stir in the cup of milk and add the banana sprinkle cinnamon on top and enjoy. The best almond butter to use is the one that you get fresh from the grinder that makes almond butter right in front of you it gives you a great thick consistency of malt o meal; if not I would use chunky peanut butter. I also had a boil egg with my malt o meal.

Dinner time

Low Carb, Savy Naturalista, Naturalista
Today I ate more fruit leather then I can bare I hope I do not burn myself out of fruit leather but it is just so good. I had a dying cauliflower that needed to be use so I made a meaty sauce (no meat) that was to die for. The thing I love about cauliflower is how versatile the vegetable can be it can adapt to any taste so I am excited what I will be able to do. This low carb dish is perfect because I had a craving for an Italian without all the pounds.

Carb Cycle Breakfast Day 1

Carb Cycle Breakfast Day 1, Low Carb Diet,  Naturalista, Savy Naturalista Carb cycle week has begun who is ready for the challenge oh yeah! This time I do not have a cold so I can get a little creative in the kitchen this week; I did not plan any dinners for this week so I will be going with the flow when it comes to dinner. I have not been to the farmers market in a while I only have one pack of grass-fed beef left so I will try to incorporate more veggie and seafood dinners this week; the veggies are piling up in the fridge so what a good excuse to use them all. With all that unlimited pie most of us ate it is time to burn some fat; for breakfast I had ½ banana, 1 egg, and low carb peanut butter bread with earth balance butter.