Healthy Shout Out Wenesday

chickentuna April is almost over so I decided to dedicate the last two Wednesdays in the month to someone who has inspired me to keep my fitness goals on track. I will call it Healthy Wednesday shout outs. This has been one crazy month, with school, work, and keeping up with household chores a girl could really use a break from all those squats (just a day).

One woman that truly inspired me to get through my squats was Laura Harris from chickentuna, she really is an inspiration for me to be the best I can be. Many of you know I do not have too much support from my friends and family, so I have really gravitated to the blogging community so many of you are so friendly, supportive, and encouraging I feel as if I am on top of the world (I mean it).

Chickentuna is one lady I feel is my best friend in my head (every one that inspires me is), every time I cannot take another squat I push on thinking what would Laura say? If she can do her regular workouts and add squats to her regimen so can I. The killer part is she is in her 40’s with the body of an 18 year old; this just motivates me even more to kick butt when I work out, and push through those squats until I reached my goal for the day.

If any of you have never gone to her page please do (she has an instagram), you will find lots of motivation and great inspiration for those days when you have just had enough. You may start stalking her page (yea I am a stalker) just the way I do…