Morning Juice

Today I am going to have lunch with one of my close friends she is in Arizona on a business trip and wanted to hang out before she left. Of course I can never turn down a good time (especially when foods involved) and I know she just loves to go out and eat whenever we decide to do something. I had a juice for breakfast since I knew she would find some lovely place to take me where the portions were hefty and I would splurge to no end in sight.

Carrot and Orange Juice, Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

My breakfast juice had 6 carrots and three oranges; I wanted to make my juice into a smoothie but I wanted to make it a light breakfast this morning. I am hoping that I do not eat my heart out but if I do I will have my green concoction ready to go for tomorrow morning.

Have a wonderful Saturday


Sunday Green Concoction

Green Concoction, Savy Naturalista, naturalista, Healthy Living I did not have a very big breakfast well I wanted a huge one but I was not in the mood to eat at all so I decided that I would make it light. For some odd reason after my low carb diet everything I have been eating seems to fill me up quickly and I can’t eat anymore, I guess my body has to get use to eating grains again. I am so happy to be eating grains again because I am going to eat lentil tacos tonight. This week I am going to lay off the fats because I had too much last week that I think it is time to give the fats a little break. Yesterday I showed you guys how I get my green concoction ready for then end of the week with all my veggie scraps that I accumulate; I had my G.C for lunch and added two green apples to the finish product. What is your favorite Green Concoction I would love to know?

Weeked Green Concoction

Green Juice , Green Concoction, Juicing I am dedicated to making my weekend green concoctions I really enjoy the benefits of my energy levels spiking; I also have great mental clarity and they always put in a better mood. I had this yummy green juice for lunch since I had a big waffle for breakfast; I decided to have a light lunch and since I did not juice Saturday I decided to juice today. This Green Concoction: 10 dead celery stalks, 1 head of bright leaf, and three squishy almost dead oranges. What do you put in your green concoction?

Weekend Routine

I am lately trying to get in the hang of having a routine on the weekends. It can be very hard staying on a weekend routine but if I want to lose fat I half to keep up with my routine. This weekend was very backwards I would normally juice on Saturday and Sunday I would have a smoothie for breakfast but let’s just say that did not go according to plan. I woke up pretty late Saturday so I went out for a bike ride and made a smoothie when I got home. Sunday I had quinoa for breakfast when I realized that I had not had my juice this weekend, so I had a juice for lunch with a few tortilla chips and salsa. They were homemade by country boy of course apparently he has a recipe that was to die for and I had to try it; I agreed to try them as long as he would bake the chips instead of fry them. I must say they were pretty good shockingly:).

Green Juice

This Green Concoction: 6 celery stalks, a bunch of spinach, ½ leftover cucumber that never got ate, 2 plums that were dying, and 1 red juicy pear. I love a juice concoction what’s your favorite?