Moving The Blog

I will be in the process of moving my blog from to, I have been blogging for a while now and it is time for a new platform so I am ready to move on. I am looking for a webhost and have found a few that I want to go with so expect a few changes to the blog… I am hoping to have my new blog up in the next few days. I am really excited because now I will have more opportunities for a better writing platform for the blog.
I know I have been writing a lot of recipes down so I can get them up on the blog and my lens will be here soon (jumping up and down). I will be able to create more recipes and show you oh so many pretty pictures and tutorials. I half to tell you that it is a lot to chew and very time consuming; but it is enjoyable once you see it all in bright lights. I guess I will be very busy this summer writing recipes, sharing stories, and hoping to sponsor a giveaway for all my readers…


Summer Camera Deals

Wow summer is almost here and oh the AZ sun will bring tears to my eyes! When I wrote my post yesterday I decided to just finally go for it and purchase a new camera, even though I love my point and shoot I am looking forward to seeing my photos taken to the next level. I went ahead and purchased a dslr camera directly from their website and got a great deal. I only purchase the body instead of the whole kit. I did not see any reason for the kit lens since from what I read I will probably never use it.
The lens I wanted was out of stock and then it came back in stock when I had already purchased this lens! Of course I was upset but I saw it as a sign that maybe this is lens for me and I should be happy I did not purchase the one I wanted… The universe always has some way of fixing things that we want to control but may not be the best decision.
I am working on purchasing a few photography books so I can really learn to shoot and style my photos. This summer will be very productive especially since I will be working on creating recipes… I am also thinking about moving my blog to this has been a great format for me, but I think I want a little more features that you do not get with the I am still on the fence about the whole process but am working on getting there.
Question of the day: What summer activities are you getting ready for?

Food Blogging Passion

I love food it is one of my major passions and since I have stated my journey, I have really feel in love with blogging about the food I eat and the recipes I create. There are so many great food blogs that inspire me to create wonderful recipes in the kitchen. Last week I spent about 6 + plus hours in the kitchen (recipe testing), I can honestly say I have really found where my creative passion lies.
I have shared many recipes on my blog and have been surprised with the great feedback that I have gotten from some of my recipes that I have decided to turn my blog into a food blog. .
I believe food blogging is a great way to tell a story about the recipes you share with others; I believe you do not need any fancy equipment to make a great meal, just your heart and soul and a great recipe. I can honestly tell you I do not have a blender and have not intentions of getting one any time soon; but I do have a food processor and my smoothies come out just as they would if I was using a blender.
I will be sharing my journey in turning my blog into a food lover’s dream. I have no clue how this will go but I know guys will be right there with me, and I am excited to see where the food takes me. I want to inspire more people to create yummy recipes that are fun and easy to make.

Confessional Tuesday: Snoring Spouse

snore I Know I really don’t talk about my relationship much, I guess I am always talking about food, health, and fitness I never get a chance to talk about my country man. I sometimes think of us as the country mouse (him) and the city mouse (me) living in the suburbs trying to adapt to our surroundings the best we can; both of us from two different worlds.
I know he is the love of my life, my fiancé, but his snoring has gotten out of control lately; I go in and out of sleep and all I hear next to me is a roaring monster breathing in and out. I have told him his snoring is so loud the next door neighbors can hear him (exaggerating) but it does rattle certain objects at night or maybe it is just my imagination. I know he does not believe me and just laughs! I want to record him snoring so badly and prove to him that he does sound like a grizzly bear, but I will let him have this one for now. I barely got out of bed this morning and I miss my workout I overslept and am still a little groggily. I know he is so tired when he gets home from work but I need my beauty sleep as well. I have told him he snores so
I have tried almost every method even the pillow over the face which always falls off in the middle of the night. I did have a pair of ear plugs but those can be so uncomfortable when you go to sleep, and most nights I take them out after a few hours… Oh and trust me when I say breathe strips over the nose do not work! They do not work! I am a very light sleeper so I can hear most sounds at night; if it gets really loud I will wake up with an instant (habit). I am thinking about trying chamomile tea tonight. I heard it puts you in a deep and relaxed sleep so that is what I am going for; because a girl needs her beauty rest.
Question of the day: If you have snoring spouse what do you do to get your beauty sleep?

Recipe Blog Leap

I love food (no secret) but I am also obsessed with blogging about it as well. I love all sorts of recipes and can never figure out if I should start adding more recipes to my blog.
Blog - 9-4-12 - love food image

I have looked over so many food blogs and I always say hey I want to do what they do! I love creating recipes and I am always in the kitchen I love baking I want a recipe blog now. One thing leads to another and I end up goggling “How to start a recipe blog”. There is so much information and so many steps that are taken I began to put the ideal to rest. I guess I am always hesitant but the ideal is always in my head and once I put it to rest it usually pops right back in.

I know summer is here and besides reading a few good books I really want to see what I can do to take my blog to the next level food wise. I am still on the fence about blogging and creating recipes about food and where you began. I know this much it is a passion and most food bloggers dedicate a lot of time and money to their blog (yeah it’s hard work) but I know it is very rewarding and inspiring to see people create their recipes. I know when I made carrot granola I was so excited to see menusofamom recreated my recipe it put a big smile on my face.
I am still on the fence about becoming a food blogger, but I really believe this is my calling to put smiles on the faces of others when they make my food

Friday Ramble: Buyer’s Remorse

048-norefundI am so happy it is Friday I have been looking forward to the weekend all week even though it will be a hot one. I know most of the week was spent finishing up finals and looking forward to reading a good book, and the other half was me wondering if I would make it to the end of the week.
I have been going back and forth on the whole buying a dslr camera or not. I always feel myself getting a little hesitant to make big purchases especially if I feel my pockets running a little low. I know country boy has been begging me to just hurry up and purchase the darn thing (his words).
I am still holding out for a good sale but I guess I will just go with a refurbished one. Most refurbished cameras get good reviews although I have never purchased any refurbished electronics before I hope I have the same experience.
I hope I do not have buyer’s remorse after I make my purchase; I sometimes do get it and it comes very quickly right after. I always end up returning the product if it is a huge amount. I know this is one of my biggest ones for the year. I hope they do not get any bigger because I will go into a state of shock.
Question of the Day: Do any of you get buyer’s remorse if so how do you handle it?

Summer Reads

read I really appreciate all the feedback from my post about my gym phobia. You guys have fascinating stories and I am really grateful; your experiences have helped me with my decision to actually go to the gym, I am finally ready to face my fears. I will not jump into a yearly membership just yet but I will get a monthly pass and see where the gym takes me.

I know summer is approaching and it seems that most of the snow birds have deserted Arizona; the area does not seem as lively as it is during the winter. I guess I will half to find something entertaining to keep me preoccupied as the temperatures began to rise. The desert heat is so unbearable and it can get even worse at night time because it never cools off.

I am thinking about reading a good book this summer, I have not read any books with school taking up most of my time; but now that it is over I have decided it is time for me to start readying again. I have a no clue what I want to read. I know I will not be reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Most of my coworkers that are women are raving about it at work but that is just not for me.

I am thinking about purchasing a recipe book and Plate to Pixel; since I have fallen in love with photography and I would love to turn my little blog into a recipe blog. I have read so many great reviews about the book I just may purchase it. I think it would be a great option since most photography classes are pretty expensive.

Question of the day: What are you reading this summer?

Gym Ready or Not

the_gym_will_bite_you_banner I have been thinking about getting a gym membership, but I have known clue if I am ready to give in just yet. I have been reading reviews on gyms (meat market) and I think it has not been pleasant. I know I have been working out a lot at home, I also ride my bike everywhere I go but nothing compares to working out at a gym.
I really want to start lifting heavy weights but I have no clue where to begin when it comes to lifting weights for muscle. There is so much information it can make a girl so confused. I know many times a lot of women think that when you lift you get muscular I can say that has not happen to me just yet, but I have been getting calluses that are not so appealing. I work very hard with my twenty pound dumbbells.
Why I am still worried about lifting I think I am more worried about the gym; I always get the feeling that if I go to the gym I will have glaring eyes on me. I know I may be over thinking the situation but I am really intimidated by gyms they seem so scary. The commercials also don’t help especially when you feel like you need to lose a thousand pounds before you go (only me). I guess it is because I never gave one a try. I am ready to finally give the gym a try; I just hope I make it in instead of turning around and running away for dear life.
Question of the day: Do you belong to a gym if so what interesting story do you have?

300 calorie breakfast

I am still looking for a camera and this is a lot of work, I am thinking about going with a refurbished one since they are a lot cheaper but I still not have decided which one I should go with.
I know I have been looking forward to my workouts now especially since the weather is a lot warmer and my body has finally not in shock by the cold weather. I am still in my pursuit to make my breakfast 300 calories and I am almost there. When the weather gets hot the meals get lighter and less portions. Thank god for summer.
Savy Naturalista, Naturalista
300 calorie breakfast
½ cup oatmeal: 100
1 boiled egg: 70
1 boil egg white: 17
1 banana: 105
Total Calories: 292
I hope my 300 calorie breakfast has inspired everyone to make right choices that are not time consuming at all and they taste great. Just add water!

Shopping for a Camera

This weekend turned in to major prep for the rest of the week, but since it is finally done I decided to tell you guys more about the new camera I will be purchasing. I did ramble about it Friday but I wanted to show you a few of the cameras I have been looking at. I am excited to finally have saved a few pennies for it and it was not easy but I know it will be rewarding and put to good use.
I know my main reason was because I wanted to turn my blog into a recipe blog and a pretty picture goes along way. I truly believe that a dslr brings food to life; the clarity that the pictures have are amazing versus a point a shoot. This is just my personal opinion I have been photographing a lot of recipes with my point and shoot and trying to style my food as well. It has not been the same and I really want to share my recipes with you so that is why I am looking to upgrade.
I know it will get worse for country boy he has become my camera assistant. If I need my camera he always knows where it is; before we eat he asks me do I need to get my camera before we start ( food has not gotten cold). Once I get my new camera I think he may quit his job. Then it will be left up to me to figure all that stuff out but I am looking forward to it.
I have this dslr in mind and I also have this one in mind also. I have not really decided which one I am going to go with yet. I am still deliberating, you guys know how I got indecisive I was when it came to my dehydrator(which is working like a charm by the way).
I do know I will be purchasing this lens as well, I am thinking it may be cheaper to just by the body and then get the lens as I go. I still have not decided but I will let you know before I finally purchase one.