Moving The Blog

I will be in the process of moving my blog from to, I have been blogging for a while now and it is time for a new platform so I am ready to move on. I am looking for a webhost and have found a few that I want to go with so expect a few changes to the blog… I am hoping to have my new blog up in the next few days. I am really excited because now I will have more opportunities for a better writing platform for the blog.
I know I have been writing a lot of recipes down so I can get them up on the blog and my lens will be here soon (jumping up and down). I will be able to create more recipes and show you oh so many pretty pictures and tutorials. I half to tell you that it is a lot to chew and very time consuming; but it is enjoyable once you see it all in bright lights. I guess I will be very busy this summer writing recipes, sharing stories, and hoping to sponsor a giveaway for all my readers…