Recipe Blog Leap

I love food (no secret) but I am also obsessed with blogging about it as well. I love all sorts of recipes and can never figure out if I should start adding more recipes to my blog.
Blog - 9-4-12 - love food image

I have looked over so many food blogs and I always say hey I want to do what they do! I love creating recipes and I am always in the kitchen I love baking I want a recipe blog now. One thing leads to another and I end up goggling “How to start a recipe blog”. There is so much information and so many steps that are taken I began to put the ideal to rest. I guess I am always hesitant but the ideal is always in my head and once I put it to rest it usually pops right back in.

I know summer is here and besides reading a few good books I really want to see what I can do to take my blog to the next level food wise. I am still on the fence about blogging and creating recipes about food and where you began. I know this much it is a passion and most food bloggers dedicate a lot of time and money to their blog (yeah it’s hard work) but I know it is very rewarding and inspiring to see people create their recipes. I know when I made carrot granola I was so excited to see menusofamom recreated my recipe it put a big smile on my face.
I am still on the fence about becoming a food blogger, but I really believe this is my calling to put smiles on the faces of others when they make my food