Summer Reads

read I really appreciate all the feedback from my post about my gym phobia. You guys have fascinating stories and I am really grateful; your experiences have helped me with my decision to actually go to the gym, I am finally ready to face my fears. I will not jump into a yearly membership just yet but I will get a monthly pass and see where the gym takes me.

I know summer is approaching and it seems that most of the snow birds have deserted Arizona; the area does not seem as lively as it is during the winter. I guess I will half to find something entertaining to keep me preoccupied as the temperatures began to rise. The desert heat is so unbearable and it can get even worse at night time because it never cools off.

I am thinking about reading a good book this summer, I have not read any books with school taking up most of my time; but now that it is over I have decided it is time for me to start readying again. I have a no clue what I want to read. I know I will not be reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Most of my coworkers that are women are raving about it at work but that is just not for me.

I am thinking about purchasing a recipe book and Plate to Pixel; since I have fallen in love with photography and I would love to turn my little blog into a recipe blog. I have read so many great reviews about the book I just may purchase it. I think it would be a great option since most photography classes are pretty expensive.

Question of the day: What are you reading this summer?


One thought on “Summer Reads

  1. I’m not sure what I’ll be reading this summer. I have read fifty shades of gray, and it has it’s place, not the most awesome piece of literature I’ve ever read, but worth reading. As you said it isn’t for everyone. This summer I think I’m going to reread the mortal instrument books by Cassandra Claire. I like fantasy a lot, and I loved that series. They have made a movie that comes out in August, so I’m going to refresh my memory of the books before I go see it. I also wanted to say you do a terrific job of photographing your food. It always looks delicious. Good luck with your summer reading

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