Gym Ready or Not

the_gym_will_bite_you_banner I have been thinking about getting a gym membership, but I have known clue if I am ready to give in just yet. I have been reading reviews on gyms (meat market) and I think it has not been pleasant. I know I have been working out a lot at home, I also ride my bike everywhere I go but nothing compares to working out at a gym.
I really want to start lifting heavy weights but I have no clue where to begin when it comes to lifting weights for muscle. There is so much information it can make a girl so confused. I know many times a lot of women think that when you lift you get muscular I can say that has not happen to me just yet, but I have been getting calluses that are not so appealing. I work very hard with my twenty pound dumbbells.
Why I am still worried about lifting I think I am more worried about the gym; I always get the feeling that if I go to the gym I will have glaring eyes on me. I know I may be over thinking the situation but I am really intimidated by gyms they seem so scary. The commercials also don’t help especially when you feel like you need to lose a thousand pounds before you go (only me). I guess it is because I never gave one a try. I am ready to finally give the gym a try; I just hope I make it in instead of turning around and running away for dear life.
Question of the day: Do you belong to a gym if so what interesting story do you have?


11 thoughts on “Gym Ready or Not

  1. I’ve been thinking about the gym thing and I use to have a membership before I moved. I was 250 something pounds the first time I went to a gym and I just had to pretend that no one else was there but me. That was how I defeated the evil fat voices in my head that may have discouraged me from staying, but when I looked around me, I found that nobody was staring or even cared that was I was there. Once I started dropping the weight, those same people would give me the thumbs up or wave because they noticed the change. Also, there were other people there who were just as overweight as me and they were committed. Keep in mind that there are some people who use to be where you are, but have improved their fitness. You just have to do this for you and nobody else. Have fun and rock it out………Healthy Journey!

  2. I belong to a gym. Like you when I first started I thought everyone would be staring at me. I was very overweight, and I was self-conscious. Truth be told, no one stares. The few people that I talk to just tell me how great I’m doing. The people I thought would judge me are just too busy working out to care. I’ve been with my gym now for almost two years, and I love it. The best decision I made in my weightloss get for journey was joining one. The classes they have allow me to try new things and vary my routine, but also help to keep me accountable. Good luck on picking one 🙂

    • I have been trying to pick one it is so difficult; I guess all the reviews that make gyms seem like meat markets when they are not .. I will try to find an affordable one thank you 🙂

      • My opinion just go to a couple. Most have a free trial session. Also I personally like to joins gym that give back to the community. Plenty of locally owned smaller gyms do, as well as the y and the croc center.

  3. I joined a gym about 4 years ago, unsure if I would even go. I spend a lot of time there now. Getting fit & working out becomes an addiction, a way of life.

    I would recommend joining a gym that offers classes, taking classes helped me learn a lot about what to do and what not to do. Even after 4 years, I enjoy the classes because the instructor keeps me motivated, and I don’t have to worry if I’m doing something wrong.

    I would agree that a gym can be very intimidating, but it won’t be that way for long. Soon enough, it’ll feel like your home.

    I encourage you to take the plunge!

  4. I love my gym!! I have tried three gyms and the current one I’m at is my safe place, home, inspiration!!! The trainers are great, the people are very kind and keep to themselves. No one stares or teases.

    Shopping around may work best for you, but everything you fear about the gym is all in your head. Trust me, I used to fear the gym. Being the “fatty” at the gym sucks, but it’s so worth it.

  5. You should check out! …They have great workout plans, and even have a ton of short, how-to videos of weight lifting movements. They even have workout plans to get you started. Don’t worry about people looking at you! A lot of people look at others, usually not to pass judgement, but just to take up time while resting in between sets. Or sometimes to momentarily check out guys with nice glutes hehehehe.. I used to be scared of the gym too, especially the assisted pull up machine. I tried it once on my own, and couldn’t figure out the weights on it. The next time I attempted it, I asked the gym manager to show me first. It was pretty simple. Now, I have no problems using it. Any equipment you are unsure about how to use, just ask someone around. Most people are glad to help you. Just make sure they aren’t wearing headphones or in the middle of a set or circuit when you ask. Here’s an article on gym etiquette: Good luck!

      • Hahaha! There are usually instructions with pictures on the machines, to show you how to use them. Sometimes, I’ll run into some weird-looking ones were I just cannot figure out how to operate them. I think you’ll do great! Just ask for help… or watch others use them before you give them a try!

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