Gym Ready or Not

the_gym_will_bite_you_banner I have been thinking about getting a gym membership, but I have known clue if I am ready to give in just yet. I have been reading reviews on gyms (meat market) and I think it has not been pleasant. I know I have been working out a lot at home, I also ride my bike everywhere I go but nothing compares to working out at a gym.
I really want to start lifting heavy weights but I have no clue where to begin when it comes to lifting weights for muscle. There is so much information it can make a girl so confused. I know many times a lot of women think that when you lift you get muscular I can say that has not happen to me just yet, but I have been getting calluses that are not so appealing. I work very hard with my twenty pound dumbbells.
Why I am still worried about lifting I think I am more worried about the gym; I always get the feeling that if I go to the gym I will have glaring eyes on me. I know I may be over thinking the situation but I am really intimidated by gyms they seem so scary. The commercials also don’t help especially when you feel like you need to lose a thousand pounds before you go (only me). I guess it is because I never gave one a try. I am ready to finally give the gym a try; I just hope I make it in instead of turning around and running away for dear life.
Question of the day: Do you belong to a gym if so what interesting story do you have?