Shopping for a Camera

This weekend turned in to major prep for the rest of the week, but since it is finally done I decided to tell you guys more about the new camera I will be purchasing. I did ramble about it Friday but I wanted to show you a few of the cameras I have been looking at. I am excited to finally have saved a few pennies for it and it was not easy but I know it will be rewarding and put to good use.
I know my main reason was because I wanted to turn my blog into a recipe blog and a pretty picture goes along way. I truly believe that a dslr brings food to life; the clarity that the pictures have are amazing versus a point a shoot. This is just my personal opinion I have been photographing a lot of recipes with my point and shoot and trying to style my food as well. It has not been the same and I really want to share my recipes with you so that is why I am looking to upgrade.
I know it will get worse for country boy he has become my camera assistant. If I need my camera he always knows where it is; before we eat he asks me do I need to get my camera before we start ( food has not gotten cold). Once I get my new camera I think he may quit his job. Then it will be left up to me to figure all that stuff out but I am looking forward to it.
I have this dslr in mind and I also have this one in mind also. I have not really decided which one I am going to go with yet. I am still deliberating, you guys know how I got indecisive I was when it came to my dehydrator(which is working like a charm by the way).
I do know I will be purchasing this lens as well, I am thinking it may be cheaper to just by the body and then get the lens as I go. I still have not decided but I will let you know before I finally purchase one.