To Grow a Basil

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista
Good Grief I didn’t realize summer is here I know the temperatures say hot (95 degrees) but I am still stuck in spring; it feels as if we did not even get a spring. I really don’t even remember spring going by as fast as it did this year. Christmas is almost around the corner again! I wanted to grow basil this spring but the darn season flew by so fast I never got the time, so I guess I am going to half to grow a basil plant this summer and hope it survives the desert heat.

I have no green thumb; I am a city girl who has no clue about gardening. However if I can master one basil plant, then I know my thumb may just get green. Now that I have my dehydrator I have been drying a lot of fresh herbs that are on sale at the grocery store and use them for spices in my dishes later, but if I can grow them and dry them myself I will save a few dollars in the process.

I am always surprise on how much money I spend on herbs at the grocery store, and most of them go bad in the fridge and in the end up throw them away( what a waist). I am looking forward to seeing my basil grow and being able to pick fresh herbs when needed.


4 thoughts on “To Grow a Basil

  1. Good luck! Fresh herbs are the best! Another way to keep your leafy herbs like basil, parsley,cilantro you can freez them an cut them into your food right from the freezer they will taste fresh.

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