To Grow a Basil

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista
Good Grief I didn’t realize summer is here I know the temperatures say hot (95 degrees) but I am still stuck in spring; it feels as if we did not even get a spring. I really don’t even remember spring going by as fast as it did this year. Christmas is almost around the corner again! I wanted to grow basil this spring but the darn season flew by so fast I never got the time, so I guess I am going to half to grow a basil plant this summer and hope it survives the desert heat.

I have no green thumb; I am a city girl who has no clue about gardening. However if I can master one basil plant, then I know my thumb may just get green. Now that I have my dehydrator I have been drying a lot of fresh herbs that are on sale at the grocery store and use them for spices in my dishes later, but if I can grow them and dry them myself I will save a few dollars in the process.

I am always surprise on how much money I spend on herbs at the grocery store, and most of them go bad in the fridge and in the end up throw them away( what a waist). I am looking forward to seeing my basil grow and being able to pick fresh herbs when needed.