Odd Snack Day

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista Lately I have been under the weather; my dairy allergy has actually made me come down with flu like symptoms. I have been in bed for most off the week, I had no clue that certain snacks that contain milk products can get you sick worse than just eating dairy directly.
I decided to cut out all dairy from my diet including eggs (not dairy related), I miss yogurt but I really wanted to get over my cold quickly. I have finally gotten over it so I decided to include eggs back into my diet again.
The weather has been warm, so I have been drinking smoothies for breakfast and sometimes lunch, most of my calories are coming from popsicles as well. I know I should not eat so many empty calories but 102 has hit, so I gotta stay hydrated and keep cool.
Lately I have been having odd snacks instead of nuts or fruit. I will eat a boil egg and toast, tuna with lettuce, or even tortilla with a slice of meat. I love snacks so something I will usually have for breakfast or lunch I will have for a snack. My snacks have become odd for the time of the day. I am enjoying them since I have lost my appetite which I am hoping will come back soon.

Question of the day: What type of odd snacks do you enjoy?


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