Shout it out Wenesday Le!

Eating healthy takes a lot of time and effort; I know most recipes do not cater to people who want low calories and low fat versions to recipes.
I even have a hard time coming up with ideals of what to cook that would be healthy and not bland. There are times when I just go oh screw it! Let me just add some sauce to this throw it in the oven and I know it will taste much better. I think food has to be the hardest thing to overcome when changing your life style.

It is still a struggle but thanks to Le I am able to have healthy recipes that are way better for you and lower in calories. When my sweet tooth is killing me (chocolate cookies any one?) I can find a healthy recipe that is an alternative.
I am a recipe fanatic and her recipes have really kept me on track this month so I had to dedicate shout it out Wednesday to Le. If you like to bake, cook, or just in the mood for a quick meal her recipes are defiantly worth trying. They are also very appetizing to look at; if we gain calories from just looking at food I would be well over 500 pounds by now.
I try to get in the kitchen and come up with more recipes, but if I am out of ideals and need to make dinner for the night. I usually find a wonderful recipe on her blog that I can make in a hurry. If you are a foodie trying to get fit then defiantly give Le’s recipes a try.