The Cheat Meal Deal

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

I know it feels good to splurge on food; after a week of dieting really hard I am able to get a cheat meal that will satisfy my cravings and kick start my diet for the next week. I guess one harmless meal will not hurt all my hard work or will it?
I know when I first started dieting I would have a cheat day every weekend, it got to the point that I began to binge eat. I would save up enough calories during the week to have my favorite cheat meal on the weekend. I would literally eat until I could not eat anymore. An example would be if I went out for sushi I would start with tempura; I would then order nori rolls and end up mixing and matching rolls which usually led to me eating about 16 nori rolls (rice included).
I would say my meals like this were way over my intake for the day, I am assuming it was about 3500+ calories. When it came time for me to weigh myself I would usually end up gaining a pound or two and most of it was not water weight. I know cheat days can help with staying on track but they can also stall weight loss and effect your goals in the future.
Eating healthy can be difficult and expensive, from meal plans, to finding yummy recipes that have flavor, but if you make it a lifestyle it is one that can be enjoyed and rewarding. I don’t have any more cheat meals are days, but when I do I will usually end up eating about 500-700 calories more for that day. I love a good cheat meal sushi is my favorite.

Question of the day: What is your favorite food to eat on your cheat day?


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