Eat to have Fun Part 2

Last week I started talking about eating to have fun; I will continue the topic this week with my final thoughts on eating to have fun.

Learning how to balance food and friendships has been something that I have not been able to do. I am slowly learning that if I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I should find activities that do not revolve around food. I have not found any activities yet (besides riding my bike) but I am still looking.

The challenge not to eat for fun can be difficult especially since everyone I know loves to eat. The thing that kills they all love to eat but are very picky eaters when it comes to healthy food; usually they will consume foods that are high in salt and lots of fat. When I first started I was a very picky eater, now I can eat almost anything and everything that is not in a bag. Eating to have fun can be done if you cook foods that are healthy that don’t come from a bag.

I have found some of my coworkers telling me that they would love to go on a diet loose a few pounds, get healthy, and stop drinking sodas. I get all excited for them and the very next day or the day after I see a soda or some other high sugary drink that they are drinking. I always want to help them or say what happen I thought you wanted to go on a diet, but the last time I did that someone snapped at me so I just keep my comments to myself.

I had to learn that someone telling you they want to lose a few extra pounds and get healthy is not the same as someone asking you for help. I love to help people I guess that is why I work around children, but I hope there is a day where I can actually motivate and help people to eat healthy.

Question of the day: What are your favorite activities that do not revolve around food, and how do you deal with family and friends who ask you for tips on how to get healthy?


7 thoughts on “Eat to have Fun Part 2

  1. Volleyball, tennis, bowling, etc. Use to find a supportive group in your journey: diet or activities. Friends are people: flawed, ignorant yet understanding and supportive especially when they can relate. I recall a job where during lunch this guy repeated “That’s what I should be eating.” I didn’t get why he never did. Most of the employees went out to eat. I always thought that was expensive.
    A childhood friend wanted me to make her a fitness schedule to begin in the summer. After a crafty, proud, and time consuming final draft, I sent it. She never did one exercise. She made one or two requests after that. I firmly declined and assured her I wouldn’t ever. Sounds harsh but simply put when people want something done, they find a way regardless of the sacrifice. If they don’t sacrifice, they really don’t want it.

  2. I love going to the gym, and gardening! I’ve got my own vegetable garden where I grow my own food. I’ve only done it for a couple of years, but it’s so fun! And you get healthy food at the end of it! I cook for my family a lot to try and help them eat healthier.

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