Eating Oats on Saturday

Savy Naturalista, NaturalistaI decided after my bike ride this morning I would have a nice bowl of rolled oats. Gosh it has been a while since I decided to have oatmeal in the morning, I guess I have been indulging in toast and eggs I forgot what oats taste like. The real reason why I decided on oatmeal I did not want to wait almost 20 minutes for eggs to boil. I will have some for lunch instead. I miss oatmeal however one of my favorite meals, it is good to switch up meals it keeps the body guess. I should do it more often but I get so stuck in a routine that it is hard to get unstuck.
I have been thinking about keeping granola bars in my backpack and purse from now on; I know I should not go into the grocery stores hungry but I have been going, and that has led to a lot of processed “healthy” snacks that have kept me feeling bloated. I am thinking about trying to make my own, since I can’t find any good ones, and the ones I do like are not in my budget for every day. I love crunchy snacks so this granola bar recipe seems to be easy enough for me to follow without trying to recreate.…

Question of the day: Do you make your own granola bars or do you just buy them?

Have a good Weekend 🙂


4 thoughts on “Eating Oats on Saturday

  1. I’ve been wondering about making my own granola bars. I eat odwalla, Luna, and cliff bars as granola snacks but I haven’t yet made my own, you’ll have to let me know how yours turn out.

  2. I stopped buying granola a long time ago because it has so many calories, but there are many ways to make it healthier. I’m thinking about making my own soon, but I”m also too cheap to buy the ingredients….:D

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