Choosing a Dehydrator

When trying to lose weight and keep it off let’s just face it! It really is all about the food, that is why I really wanted to figure out if the sweet potato chips I ate yesterday were fried or not. After hours of searching and more searching (well it didn’t take me that long but I did get side tracked). I finally found out the sweet potato chips were fried… I should have known since the calorie count was pretty high but I was blindsided by my false hope. I am so mad at those fried sweet potato chips from yesterday; sneaky advertisers they really should put fried chips on the bag so all of the curious consumers can know. I guess they clearly don’t care about letting us know those important details.
I decided that after seeing this lovely post and the fried sweet potato chips from yesterday that I finished off today, that it is time to purchase a dehydrator. I am a lover of quick snacks but if I could cut my cost in half, and not be tricked in to buying healthy snacks that say one thing but mean the other. Why not try making them myself and see what I can come up with (sweet potato chips anyone?). I am not saying I will be the next Betty Crocker (well not yet) of the healthy foods we eat, but it will be nice to keep calories low since I am trying to loose fat not gain it.

I am on a budget, but of course when you have a budget you tend to want everything that is never in your price range. I really would love an Excalibur I see all the raw and vegan foodies with one, and they come up with some amazing dishes that just make me drool but I don’t have Excalibur money. I still want a dehydrator so I am going to get one that will give me the same results but a fraction of the price. I really liked this dehydrator and the this one, but I am one of those people who will spend thirty minutes to an hour on one item before I actually buy it. I am thinking about the first one but there are so many I can’t decide. I hope I do not have this problem when it comes time to upgrade cameras…

Question of the day: Do you have a dehydrator if so which is your favorite brand?


8 thoughts on “Choosing a Dehydrator

  1. This sounds like a great idea! My husband is a potato chip fiend, and lately he has been trying to be “good” and only select the sweet potato ones. But, like you said, they are still fried.

    Have you tried banana chips?

  2. I’ve never heard of this until now but it is a great idea in helping you monitor what you put in your body. Yesterday, I was tempted to get edamame chips from TJ. I’m so glad I didn’t. It has so much flour and powder and I’m like “where does the edamame come in?” Lol. Sheesh.

  3. I love roasting my veggies and sometimes when I multi task…they get over done and/or dehydrated and I love them that way! Potatoes sliced thin and put single layer on a sprayed cookie sheet in the oven works great..or microwave them on a plate. Sweet potatoes work great too! I’ve been making some bad food choices the past couple of months, time to pull up my big girl panties and change things. Stay strong.

    • Microwave on a plate I must try, that sounds like a neat ideal I hope I do not burn the tray 🙂 I know the move was stressful on you, so don’t be to hard on yourself just think of your son’s wedding coming up soon and I know you can do it 🙂

      • Thanks for your kind words…I have been MIA..son got married at the end of March! :). I’m so glad to see you still working hard. Careful with the HOT plate. Look on pinterest for more info. Slice thin and coat with stuff..single layer. Think i do 3 min but turn half way.

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