Rice Cake Bagels

I decided to do a recipe today for rice cake bagels. I find it so hard to go to work without looking at the array of bagels and frosted doughnuts that call my name; sometimes I feel so left out from eating bagels that I just stare at them wanting to devour them all to myself. I know I should think about how great I will look this summer, but who really wants to feel left out from food (out of all things). I decided that I would create my own bagels; after making rice cake cereal it just seem rice cakes have endless possibilities. The best part if you sleep in and forgot to make breakfast, you can go to work and have a rice cake bagel that is only 35 calories; you can also spread cream cheese on them but I prefer strawberry yogurt.
Savy Naturalista, Naturalista, rice cake recipe

Rice Cake Bagel:

2 rice cakes
6oz container black cherry yogurt

Directions: Spread liberally, it only has 210 calories…


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