Lets Talk Tuesdays

I am going to start up my weekly rambles again, but I will do it just one day out of the week. I decided to start Let’s talk Tuesday’s is a bit of a ramble about what is going on in the health industry that we all love to talk about, I also have a few topics that I obsess over supplements, low calorie foods, and even more food because we all know I am addicted to food. I will have weekly polls so if there is a topic you would like me to ramble about we can have the polls decide.
On another topic besides food and rambles; spring has finally arrived here in AZ and everything looks so green! Lady bugs are flying everywhere; my basil plant and my marigolds did not survive the winter, so I am going to try my hand at growing them again I hope I can have a little success, I live in a little town house where the trees block the sun so most of my plants get more shade an no sun at all. I don’t have a green thumb but I am thinking that if I can start growing fresh herbs I am one step in the right direction.


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