Blueberry Smoothie in a Bowl

Savynaturalista, naturalista
Not another blueberry smoothie, but I just can’t help myself I am in love with blue berries I would love to eat the whole bag but I am in know mood for brain freeze. I just got home from class and wanted a quick snack that would last me three hours while I hit the books, so I added oats to the bowl.
savynaturalista, naturalista

Blueberry Smoothie in a Bowl Recipe:
1 cup of frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup of rolled oats, 1 cup of greens, and ! cup of almond milk or yogurt of your choice. Blend in your food processor or blender and enjoy…!


One thought on “Blueberry Smoothie in a Bowl

  1. I’ve been indulging on Cadbury ice cream bars this week, but I may switch to a blackberry smoothie. I don’t have any blueberries on-hand, just blackberries right now. Lookin’ good! I have to say that after all of your efforts and hard work, you’re going to be so glad you’ve been hanging in there. There’s no better feeling than reaching your goals and knowing how hard you worked to get there……Healthy Journey!

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