Spring Shakeup

Savy naturalista, Naturalista Well Spring is here and I already have summer on the brain especially with the sun setting later every day. I am excited that midterms are out of the way that all I can think about now are smoothies. It seems everyone starts the beginning of the year with smoothie challenges; but not me it was cold as ice and I was still in the mood for some good ole comfort. Now that it is a little warmer I decided that I am going to replace one of my meals with a smoothie for a week. This was my attempt at a green smoothie but of course it did not come out looking green, like all the beautiful smoothies that I see on pinterest. That darn lettuce, am I the only one who puts lettuce in there smoothies instead of spinach? I also used my food processor (yes I go a new one) to make my smoothies instead of a blender. I am trying so hard not to accumulate so many kitchen appliances so for now I will hold off on a blender.


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