Midterm Week Slip-up

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista Gosh I had a slip up at a vending machine; of course I have no excuse as to why I wanted that bag of chips but I could not help myself. Midterms are coming up soon and all I can think about is cheesecake; this is why I gain weight I do well and then when midterms and finals come up I and I get really bad anxiety, I emotionally eat everything that makes me happy but not so healthy. I am going to do a What I ate Midterm Week. I have midterm studying this week and midterms next week. With so much late night studying to do and I want a snickers bar, but I am going to make myself accountable so I do not go on a late night taco bell binge. I guess I am going to half to invest in a lunch bag, so I will not stray from my goals. Because this year I will say good bye to spandex!