Time Kills

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista I don’t know about you but I am wondering where did January go? I am so shock we are already in February and before you know it summer will be here; I hope we are sticking to are goals and we have not thrown them out the window just yet. This year seems to be going by so fast that before you know it the changes we have all made will eventually show themselves when we least expect it.
February is a very short month so I will like to be very accountable for what I eat during the month, it can go by so fast and I want to make sure I did not put anything in my mouth that will stall my weight loss for February. What I are February will probably star Monday or earlier; I will “try” to document my food intake every day for the whole month. It will be challenging but I am up for it, and nervous but I know it will keep me motivated. My snack before dinner tonight is sushi!!! Oh yea!! 🙂

Happy Friday