Snack Time

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista I had a craving for something salty and sweet, and then I wanted something sweet and creamy of all the options I decided to pair these to. I am going to do a review about this popcorn because I don’t think I will ever, ever buy it again; I guess it can be considered a meal/ snack since I will have a veggie or a fruit later before dinner. I am so busy with work and school that my blog posts keep showing up later in the day, I guess I should manage my time in the morning better than I do. Trying to keep up with my morning workouts, then it’s time to go to work, and by the time work is over it is time for my lecture and labs; I guess I can say I am actually very busy something I thought was never possible. I really have much love for science majors because I am about to pull my hair out, and it’s been about three weeks labs or a major killer. Then trying to maintain a healthy life style makes it more challenging. I am committed so I can do this I can do this!