New Year Challenges

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista I know I wrote about staying on track with one of my goals for the New Year yesterday, and so far so good. I know most of us give up by the 3rd week on are resolutions that’s why if we make them goals we will defiantly achieve one if not all. I also realized that I did not write my 7th goal so I will talk about that goal apparently I forgot. I am trying to stay on track but sometimes I have a slip up every now and then. It is easy to just give up, but I believe that if I made it through the holidays I can make it through the rest of the year in one peace. Spring is almost here and I am thinking about doing another smoothie challenge, since the cravings for comfort food will disappear and we need a jump start to get us prepared for summer. We have 143 days to summer let’s throw away the spandex so we can wear all the lovely clothing that we have always wanted to wear.


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