Yoga Goal In Full Effect

savynaturalista, naturalista I am sorry I was a way for the whole weekend but I got super sick and good barely move, it didn’t help that it rain the whole weekend either. The rain took it a little longer for me to try and get better but I am almost there. I have been slacking off with one of my goals to do more yoga because I was having a hard time finding workouts online that would let me watch more than 10 minute previews. I am happy that I found Hulu not only do they have my Korean dramas but I can do yoga as well, and thank heavens for those commercial breaks because when going into plank mold I felt like I was going to die. I realized that my core is essential to performing my workouts better and even though I am proud of myself for doing a 40 second plank, the shaking while going through the yoga poses made me realize that it is time for me to focus on my core for strength. I so relieved for the yoga videos that I can afford to watch (free) yay!!! Now I have no excuses as to why I am not completing one of my goals for the year.


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