Workout Slipp Up

savynaturalista, naturalista I guess I have stalled most of my strength training for the next few days; I slipped of my bike yesterday and bruised my leg it swelled up so I had to wrap it this morning. I guess when it’s raining you should not try to ride a bike while standing but it was fun I got pretty wet and learned a valuable lesson. I have a lot of studying to do this weekend school is really kicking my butt. I really need to get on a better schedule so I am going to try and write the meals I want to prepare for the next week. I guess I can officially say good bye to all my Korean dramas and hello to the radio. Although I do have one more rant about My Lovely Sammy Soon I half to tell you guys about. I need to study so I am having a light snack before and before I head to work I am going to make a quick smoothie.

Have a good Weekend