First Lab Day

savynaturalista, naturalista I am feeling much better today after being oh so sick from the flu I think I am finally better. I also did not gain a pound and I did not even work out yay!!! Monday I did a lot of prepping for my labs classes that I forgot to write a post. I have never taken lab classes before so I am scared and excited at the same time. I will keep you updated since today is my first day. I have no clue where I would like to go with my education I wanted to be a teacher and I am almost done, but then I decided that I wanted to do something in the healthcare field. I may half to start all over if I go into health care but I really do not know which way I would like to go. I did a lot of prep for snacks yesterday I am going to be home late, so I gotta make sure I am not hungry and want to eat the whole kitchen when I get home.


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